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Danica Patrick's comments on using steroids draws the ire of USADA...


Danica PatrickRiddle me this folks...

At what point exactly did we, as a nation, lose our common sense?

For some ungodly reason, the whole world seems to have their panties all up in a bunch over some comments that Danica Patrick made during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'...

Something understood by anyone who has ever participated in any sort of competitive activity.  Do whatever it takes to win.  In an interview she gave to Dan Patrick(published in Sports Illustrated) open wheeled driver heart throb Danika Patrick was asked if she would take a performance enhancing drug (and, of course, not get caught), if it allowed her to win the Indy 500 (the Super Bowl of her sport).

"Well, then it's not cheating, is it? If nobody finds out?'' she said.

Dan Patrick responded: "So you would do it?''

Danica's answer: "Yeah, it would be like finding a gray area. In motorsports, we work in the gray areas a lot. You're trying to find where the holes are in the rule book.''

                *quotes taken from article...

Travis TygartOf course, the comments caught the ire of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, prompting the agency to call the comments "totally irresponsible".

USADA CEO Travis Tygart went on to say "In one interview, she undercut what millions of parents try their best to teach their kids everyday in this country, that winners never cheat and cheaters never win.'

Patrick responded to her critics in an interview granted to the USA Today's web site saying,"It was a bad joke.  There is a lot of sensitivity in our culture about [performance-enhancing drugs]. With all the baseball stuff, I've followed it and this is a real problem. It's a shame kids think they have to do this to get ahead. It's very dangerous.''

Now let's be frank folks...

I don't want to blow up everyone's little bubbles, but kids are not as stupid as we would all like to think they are (though the fact that they buy into the whole Santa Claus thing does make them a little suspect).

Cheaters always win!!!  That's why they fucking cheat!  Don't believe me???

Barry Bonds, alleged steroid userBarry Bonds (allegedly)... Major League baseball home run record.

Roger Clemens, alleged steroid userRoger Clemens (allegedly)... World Series rings, Cy Young awards, MVPs.

Alex Rodriguez, steroid userAlex Rodriguez... Highest paid professional baseball player in the world.

Manny RamirezManny Ramirez... 2 World Series rings.

It does not take a retard to see that cheaters do win.  That's why they cheat in the first place.  And if you want to get mad at anyone for showing kids that cheaters always win, then get up these guys' asses!  But to go after a driver on a fringe sport for stating in an interview that she would look for any competitive edge in order to win the biggest race of her season, taking in to account that while she may have very high face recognition... she never freaking wins!  Of course she would take 'Roids to win a race.  Hell, if it got her a few seconds extra every lap she might let all the other drivers run a train on her in pit row.

Sweep the leg, Johnny...It's not like she was running the Cobra Kai dojo.  She didn't tell Johnny to sweep the leg.  She made a bad joke about how she (and every other driver in her sport for that matter) would look for any and every advantage they can find in order to get the competitive edge.  Was it a smart thing to say?  No, of course it isn't.  But was she tearing down years of conditioning, turning our nation's youth sports into professional wrestling, with steroids and cheating running wild.  Of course not.  She made a stupid statement while trying to honest and open with her interview.  Next time, she will just smile and nod and give some empty sports cliché about taking your vitamins and saying your prayers.


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