Review: Red Faction Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerilla BoxThere is nothing more fun than running around shooting things and hijacking vehicles. Grand Theft Auto has proved this over and over again. And now you can do it on Mars. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a new third-person shooter that takes place on Mars. The game was created by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ, with the PC version being ported by Reactor Zero.

redfaction4In Red Faction: Guerrilla, the protagonist, Alec Mason, is able to run, jump, hijack vehicles, and use weapons to traverse and free roam across the open world of Mars and fight the EDF (Earth Defense Force) in a completely interactive (and destroyable) environment.
The multiplayer modes allow for up to 16 players to play on a server at once. The player can choose from a number of unlockable characters to represent them in multiplayer. The game features six online multiplayer modes.

Red Faction graphic wise is pretty, a tad bit cartoony at times, but consistent throughout and rather pleasing to the eye. Game engine (or destruction engine) is based on the Havoc game system. It makes for an interesting environment. You are able to blow up buildings and the explosions are cool. It's like an evolved version of Mercenaries in outer space. My favorite part so far is when I placed an explosive on somebody's head and blew them up (they don't actually explode but rather they comically flop around the scenery like a rag doll tied to a firecracker).

The only thing that I have to complain about is that the load time is a little long. Also the game play is only complicated by the new button scheme. The makers of this game use buttons which are not common with other games. It makes you learn new controls and this makes game play a little slow and frustrating at first, but if you take the time to scroll the controller options, you can find a more pleasing button set up).

In closing, Red Faction: Guerrilla, while not the greatest game floating out there, is an overall win. Fun, interesting, and just complicated enough to keep you busy- this game is a solid 3.5 flushes... check it out, but try buying a used copy.

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