Pickin' da Winners-Week 1


mcnabb_zoomWell, your prayers have finally been answered.  Week One of the NFL 2009 season is upon us.  Go ahead, dab that tear from your eye...

For many in America, football season is more than just a reason to do nothing on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon except drink like a sailor on shore leave and scream like an idiot at your TV.  It's about high stakes gambling.  Hell, many believe that gambling is the primary reason that football is as popular in this nation of our as it is. 

So what the Weekly Constitutional has asked me to do is to give some of you a competitive edge in your office pools and maybe share a little knowledge so that maybe this year you can finally take some money back from the bookie (or that shmuck in accounting that runs the office pool)...

Pool Sheet: Week One

Titans vs. Steelers- Steelers

Lions vs. Saints - Saints

Chiefs vs. Ravens - Ravens

Cowboys vs. Buccaneers - Cowboys

Jaguars vs. Colts- Colts

Vikings vs. Browns - Vikings

Broncos vs. Bengals - Bengals

Eagles vs. Panthers - Eagles

Jets vs. Texans - Texans

Dolphins vs. Falcons - Falcons

49ers vs. Cardinals - Cardinals

Rams vs. Seahawks - Seahawks

Redskins vs. Giants - Giants

Bears vs. Packers - Packers

Bills vs. Patriots - Patriots

Chargers vs. Raiders - Chargersp>
Hootie da Greek's Stone Cold Locks

bookiesYea, I know how fucking hack that sounds.  But I could not think of anything better, so for now that will have to do.  Besides, it is not what you call something, but rather the job that it does.

Now in Week One, I tend to go a lot of chalk.  There is no point in going insane trying to outthink yourself, or guilt yourself in falling  for a trap cleverly set by the bookmaker in order to pick the pockets of the many pigeons out there just dying to get a little action.

So, if you are tired of giving money to your Short Term Investment Broker (or STIB) then why not try one of these plays...


Chargers (-9 ½) vs. Raiders

chargvsraidUsually we like to avoid teams being coached by Norv Turner, especially with this high a number to be laying.  But this is a rare case.  The Raiders are putrid.  Last season, the Raiders were awful against the number, rarely covering even the most generous of spreads.  San Diego has a high powered offence, which is more than capable of putting up double digit points (which is what you are going to need in order to cover a ten point spread), especially against a defense as weak and susceptible as the Raiders. 

Lions vs. Saints (-13)

neworleanssaintsvdetroitlionstlsmditjf68lThis line could have been -130 and I still would call this the surest bet on the board.  New Orleans has an explosive offence, loaded to the gills with many superstars.  The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, has not won a game in over a year and are starting a rookie.  To call this a bloodbath would be an understatement.

Redskins vs. Giants (-6 ½)

large_giants05 8 millsaThe Redskins have no offence.  It is as simple as that.  That being said, I like the spread on this game, but I love the total.  Bet the under on the 37 point total (for added value, teasing the number up further and betting the under is also a sound bet).  The Redskins cannot find the end zone to save their lives and the Giants are not a high scoring team.  Last season, both of the games played between these two NFC East titans ended with both sides scoring 30 points (the Giants also won both games by more than seven points).


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