Pickin' da Winners- Week 2...


tyree_catchWell, Week One has come and gone and if you took my suggestions on the Football pool predictions, you should have done well for yourself... 14-2 is nothing to shake a dick at.  But my stone cold locks on the other hand... did not go so well. 

One and fucking two.  Disgusting.  I hit on New Orleans beating up the Lions, but any retard could have (and should have) hit on that one.  But getting whored by the fucking hooker on the Redskins Game (where they lost to the Giants 23-17, a half point off from covering) sucked ass, and to have it followed by Oakland making a game out of it on Monday night only made it worse.

But we get up, dust ourselves off and try, try again with Week Two. 

Week Two Pool Winners

Panthers vs. Falcons - Falcons

Vikings vs. Lions- Vikings

Bengals vs. Packers- Packers

Raiders vs. Chiefs- Raiders

Cardinals vs. Jaguars- Jaguars

Patriots vs. Jets- Patriots

Saints vs. Eagles- Saints

Texans vs. Titans- Titans

Rams vs. Redskins- Redskins

Bucs vs. Bills- Bills

Seahawks vs. 49ers- 49ers

Steelers vs. Bears- Steelers

Browns vs. Broncos- Browns

Ravens vs. Chargers- Ravens

Colts vs. Dolfins- Colts

Hootie da Greek's Stone Cold Locks

New Orleans (0) at Philadelphia (46)

new-orleans-saints-helmet-logo-photofileThis game has no spread, but can be found on some boards with an over/under of 46 points.  Even without Donavon McNabb, the Eagles can put up points (do you not recall last season when McNabb got benched and Cobb played well) and we all know what the Saints are capable of.  Go for the over. 

Minnesota (-9 ½) v. Detroit

minnesota-vikings-helmet-logoThere are two rules to remember about sports wagering.  One, there is no such things as a sure thing; and two, never risk good money around a bad team.  A bad team is like a hurt dog, completely unpredictable.  But Detroit is not your run of the mill bad team.

Winless is 17 straight contests, the Detroit Lions are the kind of bad you tell your grandkids about.  They are the kind of bad that a feel good sports movie would be based on their turn around (should there be a turnaround).  In short, the Lions are just horrific.  Last week, Drew Brees and the Saints went ape shit on the Lions, putting six touchdowns on the board (and whispers of early favorites for a Super Bowl berth).  There is no reason to believe that the Lions magically got much better in six days, so the safe bet would be to think that Adrian Peterson and company should have little to no problem doing the same.

Houston (+6 ½) vs. Tennessee

tennessee-titans-helmet-logoWe are going to go with history on this one guys.  While the underdog tends to win this series (8-3), Houston is god awful in the month of September, and even worse when playing against teams within their own conference.  They are also 1-5 against the spread in their last six meetings.  Titans should have no problem taking Tennassee straight up, and should easily cover the -6 ½.

***Bonus Pick***

St. Louis (+9 ½) vs. Washington

04stlouisramshelmetAs I stated earlier in this article, one should never risk good money on a bad team.  And there is little question as to whether or not St. Louis or Washington is a bad team.  But there is value in this line (shockingly enough).  As bad as St. Louis is offencively, Washington is not much better.  Their meeting last year found the Redskins a heavy favorite and losing the game outright to a Rams team at the time contending with the Detroit Lions for the title of "Worst Team in the NFL". The Redskins are also 3-12 (with three pushes) against teams with losing records against the spread.  9 ½ points is an awful lot to ask good teams to cover week in and week out, so to ask a team with zero offense might not be the best idea in the world.  Take the Rams and keep your fingers crossed. (also, looking at the under, currently set at 36 ½, is also a bit tempting...)


As always, please remember that Hootie da Greek's picks are intended for an entertainment purpose only.  Hootie da Greek is not responsible if you lose your kid's college money by following his advice.