Pickin' Da Winners- Week Three


to-touchdownGambling is a strange mistress.  Your system can run like clockwork one week and leave you felted the next.  In Week One, I hit on 14 of 16 games for the pool yet found myself staring at 1-2 for my stone cold locks (proving that there is no such thing as a stone cold lock in life).  In Week Two, the show found itself on the other foot.  2-1 for the SCL picks (3-1 if you were daring enough to jump on the Bonus Pick) but found us with an anemic 8-7 for the pool. 

A chicken that plays tic-tac-toe can do better than 8-7.

But the best thing about betting on football is much like the players playing the game; the gambler must have a short memory.  Don't get too high when you kill your STIB (Short Term Investment Booker), and don't get too low when your STIB gets you.  So bearing that in mind, we clutch our lucky rabbit foot and hope the Football Gods shine down upon Week Three...

Week Three Pool Winners


Browns vs. Ravens- Ravens

Titans vs. Jets- Titans

Giants vs. Buccaneers- Giants

Packers vs. Rams- Packers

Redskins vs. Lions- Redskins

Jaguars vs. Texans- Texans

49ers vs. Vikings- 49ers

Chiefs vs. Eagles- Eagles

Falcons vs. Patriots- Falcons

Saints vs. Bills- Saints

Bears vs. Seahawks- Bears

Steelers vs. Bengals- Steelers

Dolphins vs. Chargers- Dolphins

Broncos vs. Raiders- Broncos

Colts vs. Cardinals- Cardinals

Panthers vs. Cowboys- Cowboys

Hootie da Greek's Stone Cold Locks

New York Gants (-6 ½) vs. Tampa Buccaneers (± 45 ½)

04giantshelmetOnce thought to be among the better teams in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fallen on hard times.  New head coach (who happens to be struggling), new offensive and defensive systems (which happen to be struggling as well... especially the defense, which is a flat out liability), and (as of this week) injury plagued.  The Giants, on the other hand, seem like world beaters yet again after impressive wins against the Redskins and Cowboys.  This would also be a good game to maybe look to making a play for the under (currently set at 45 ½).  The Bucs have been managing to put some points on the board in their past two losses (thus forcing the line a bit higher than it should be), which is something that they are not as likely to do against this stingy New York Defense.

Washington Redskins (-6 ½) vs. Detroit Lions (± 38 ½)

detroit lionsThis is a kind of game that will define the kind of gambler that you are.  A "safe gambler" (if there is such a thing) would just avoid this game entirely, unwilling to lay good money on bad teams (and both of these teams are bad).  But a daring gambler would look at this team in a few different ways.  The Redskins are a team with a decent enough defense desperately trying to keep their offence in games.  They do not score touchdowns.  And Detroit has not won a game in over a year (which means that they too have a hard time scoring touchdowns).  The under begs to be taken. 

Also, an even more daring wager (should you really want some action this Sunday) take the Lions and the points.  While I think this might be the best shot the Lions have of winning a game (until they play the Bucs later on this season), I also know that the Redskins only beat the hapless Rams by two in their own home last week.  There is no way the Redskins hand more than a field goal on the Lions.

Carolina Panthers (+8 ½) vs. Dallas Cowboys (± 47 ½)

dallas-cowboys-Smell that odd funk hanging in the air???  Me thinks me smells a trap game...

Monday Night Football games (as well as the games on Sunday night) are notorious for setting inflated numbers dragging people to make a play.  Carolina is a struggling team that many believe is just snake bit right now...  Dallas is in Jerry Jones' new billion dollar Football Cathedral looking to not embarrassed again on national television... Tony Romo looking less than impressive in his past two starts... Marion Barber sitting this one out... It demands putting the mortgage on Carolina, right?  Wrong.

Dallas beat the Bucs by more than ten, and the Panthers are not much better than the Bucs (Charmin like secondary and all).  Dallas covers the 8 ½ easily.  But make sure you go no higher.  Once this number starts to flirt with double digits (9 ½ or better) start to look at Carolina as the play (one might also consider teasing this and making a safer play with Carolina catching 14 ½)

Bonus Picks:

Green Bay Packers (-6 ½) vs St Louis Rams

green-bay-packers-helmet-logoOne week after getting upset at home by the Bengals, the Packers face off against the pathetic St. Louis Rams.  Even with their pathetic secondary, the Packers easily cover the touchdown against the Rams.  The Rams are horrific and very well could lose every single game this season (they are that bad).

San Francisco 49ers (+7) vs. Minnesota Vikings

san-francisco-49ers-helmetSometimes you have to go with your gut.  I have no thought out reason to go with the Niners in this one other than I just have that tingle in my sac telling me that they will.  I am not suggesting that anyone follow me down this road (as I am basically the advice of a tingle in my balls which very well could be a urinary tract infection or something), but I am going to put a few shekels on this one and see what happens.

As always, please remember that Hootie da Greek's picks are intended for an entertainment purpose only.  Hootie da Greek is not responsible if you lose your kid's college money by following his advice.