Pickin' da winners: Week 4


alg_lions-celebrateThe ebbs and flows one must go through as a sports gambler can at times be trying.  Not to mention makes little sense.  Against the number right now I am hot... dare I say killing it (went 5-0 last weekend, and I am hoping you did as well).  But in the office pool... I am getting murdered.

You would think that I was pulling these picks out of thin air I am doing so poorly.  After a white hot start to the season, I have gone two weeks picking five hundred. 8 and fucking 8.  And I assure you... .500 is blowing up any skirts in the office. But thank God that the office pool is only for bragging rights and maybe the occasional free breakfast.  My record against the number, on the other hand, is for straight hard cash.  And in that area I am doing quite well, with an official 6-3 record (9-3 if you want to count the bonus picks in with the totals).

But enough resting on laurels...  Much like in the NFL, a gambler is only as good as this week's winners...

Week Four Pool Winners:


Buccaneers vs. Redskins - Buccaneers

Ravens vs. Patriots - Ravens

Lions vs. Bears - Bears

Titans vs. Jaguars - Titans

Raiders vs. Texans - Texans

Bengals vs. Browns - Bengals

Seahawks vs. Colts - Colts

Giants vs. Chiefs - Giants

Bills vs. Dolphins - Dolphins

Jets vs. Saints - Saints

Rams vs. 49ers - 49ers

Cowboys vs. Broncos - Cowboys

Chargers vs. Steelers -  Chargers

Hootie da Greek's Stone Cold Locks

New York Giants (-8 ½) @ Kansas City Chiefs (± 42 ½)

04giantshelmetThe whole world knew that New York was going to go into Tampa last week and hand the Bucs an ass kicking that they would never forget.  New York has been dominant against lesser opponents this season, with convincing wins against the Bucs and the Redskins.  Look for them to continue beating up on the dregs of the NFL again this week, easily covering this number.

New York Jets (+7) @ New Orleans Saints (±45)

04nyjetshelmetThe kind of game you wish they would be playing nationally.  Drew Brees is playing out of his mind this season and the Saints look like they might be for real this season.  The Jets, on the other hand, are exceeding expectation.  Strong defensive plays and the pleasant surprise of Mark Sanchez's adaption to the professional game.  Look for the Saints to pull it off at home, but it will not be enough to cover the number.  Take the Jets and the points.

St. Louis Rams (+9 ½) @ San Fransisco 49ers (±37 ½)

ramsSt. Louis is a bad football team.  Hell, they might be bad enough to find a way to go perfect this season. 

That being said, I like the Rams catching the 9 ½ points in this game.  San Fran might be good, but they are not a blow out team.


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