Pickin' da Winners: Week 7


Week 7 PicksWelcome to Week Seven folks...

Or as I am looking at it, Def Con five week.  I turned in a putrid 5-9 last week, getting beat in the damndest games.  Who saw the Eagles choking it away to the God awful Raiders???  Who I ask you... WHO?

Any given Sunday, I guess...

Against the number, we did not do as bad though, 2-1 for the week (4-1 if you took the bonus picks as well), bringing our season total to tolerable 9-6 (though it is 15-7, a very acceptable 66%).  This means we are making money still.  But you are not here to just make money.  You are here to be the envy of your office and clear your bookie fear your name by the end of the season.  Let's have at it...

Week Seven Winners


I have been cold as Hell for the past few weeks in the Pool, but I am feeling a resurgence.  If you doubt me (and I would not blame you if you did), feel free to fade (or pick opposite) whatever I pick... I won't get pissed...

Colts @ Rams - Colts

Patriots @ Buccaneers (from London, England) - Patriots

Vikings @ Steelers - Steelers

Chargers @ Chiefs - Chargers

Packers @ Browns - Packers

49ers @ Texans - Texans

Bills @ Panthers - Panthers

Jets @ Raiders - Jets

Falcons @ Cowboys - Falcons

Saints @ Dolphins - Saints          

Bears @ Bengals - Bengals

Cardinals @ Giants - Giants

Eagles @ Redskins - Eagles

Hootie da Greek's Stone Cold Picks

New England Patriots (-14 ½) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers(±45)[ from London, England]

New England PatriotsNews flash:  The Bucs are horrific and the Pats are pretty good.  Last week, Brady and crew hung 40 some odd points on the Titans before the end of the first quarter.  It's hard to imagine anything different happening in this game with Brady facing the Bucs, who are every bit as bad (if not worse) than the Titans.  The 14 ½ spread should be covered by half time... even with the jet lag.

Take the Pats laying the points.

Buffalo Bills (+7) @ Carolina Panthers(±37 ½)

bUFFALO bILLSThe Panthers looked good against one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Bills lucked one out against the Jets last week.  This week is all about momentum.  Which team is worse?  A team that does not throw the ball, or a team that can only throw interceptions. 

The Bills are not horrific, and should Trent Edwards not be able to make the start then look to Fitzpatrick to move the ball through the air (aided by not the worst running backs in the world).  Carolina is not terrible either, and if Delholme can keep the ball out of the hands of the Bills defense (which is easier said than done) then their running game has a chance of making a game of this.  That being said, seven is a bit too high a number for a 1-5 team to be favored by.  Take the Bills and the points.  The Panthers may take this home game, but it will be a field goal.

Take the Bills and the points.

New York Jets(-6) @ Oakland Raiders

NEW yORK jETSI know I said I was not going to pick the Raiders anymore.  But then last week they won, so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Sanchez has looked like a rookie for the past few weeks, giving up bootie all over the place.  But while Oakland's defense might be able to victimize the young QB, unless they score the touchdown themselves it won't matter for much.

Look for the Jets to get back to winning ways this week, bitch slapping the Raiders.

Take the Jets, laying the 6.

Bonus Picks

Philadelphia Eagles (-7) @ Washington Redskins

The Redskins are on the verge of falling apart.  Coach being neutered...  New playcaller...  Team dissenting.  This team is a car bomb away from being fucking Iraq.  For Redskin fans, this is a kick in the teeth... But for a gambler, this is a dream come true. 

Consider the Redskins to be an ATM for the next few weeks.  There is no chance in Hell that they beat the Eagles, let alone cover.  And should the rumors be true (that Zorn is going to be fired by Redskin owner Dan Snyder during the bye week should he lose to the Eagles), look for this trend of losing to continue in Washington.

Take the Eagles laying the 7.

New Orleans Saints (-6) @ Miami Dolphins

The Saints are fucking good.  Simple as that.  They might come down to Earth at some point, sure.  Any given Sunday, right???

But until they do lose, there is no reason to bet against them.  New Orleans is outstanding against the number this season.  Call it a gut feeling, call it what you want.  But Sunday afternoon you will call it a win.

Take the Saints, lay the 6. 


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