Lebron steals fries from child!!!!


lebron-jamesI freaking hate December...

There is so little going on - nationally, locally, and even in the sports world- that it makes even the slightest chicanery stick out like a giant zit during your senior pictures.

Take this stupid Lebron James story.

Sunday, King James was caught on the cameras snagging some fries from a kid located just on the perimeter of the court after falling out of bounds.

Of course, this has LeBron haters in a tizzy for some ungodly reason.  Righteous indignation, hatred for greatness, or just plain old being a little too uptight for their own good... Who knows, and who cares...

What I saw was the most popular athlete in the world snagging some fries (and high fiving, I  might add) a kid who forever will have a great story to tell.  And if there is something wrong with that, then I don't want to be right...

(Gooooood.. that was hack... I apologize...)


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