WWE wrestler, Test, found dead in Tampa apartment...


Andrew "Test" MartinAnother day... another dead wrestler.

Andrew "Test" Martin, 33, has been found dead in his Tampa apartment.  Police found the body late Friday night, after neighbors called in concerns for the former wrestler claiming that he had been lying on his floor motionless for several hours when they had called.


Known more for putting the stones to Stephanie McMahon and Stacy Kebbler than for anything he did in the ring, Test had what wrestling marks would call a good little run, winning a few titles in his time in the WWE before being sidelined (and eventually retired because of a severe back injury).

Tampa Police are ruling out foul play, but have not yet disclosed the cause of death- waiting for the autopsy report later on this week.  But with the rumors around Tampa telling of a former wrestler who had an affinity for sex, drugs, and steroids- an OD or steroid induced heart explosion is not out of the question.

Test is the fourth former wrestler to be found dead in his home in Tampa in the past two years (as Tampa is where wrestlers seem to go to kill themselves).  Other wrestlers who got their tickets punched in Tampa include:

Scott “Bam-Bam” Bigelow

Scott "Bam-Bam" Bigelow (drug OD in 2007),

Mike “Mike Awesome” Alfonso

Mike "Mike Awesome" Alfonso (suicide, 2007),

Brian Adams

Bryan Adams (drug OD, 2007),

Kurt "Mr. Perfect" Henning

and Kurt "Mr. Perfect" Henning (heart exploded due to a massive amount of coke, 2003).

While tragic, a wrestler being found dead is hardly shocking or world breaking news.  Their bodies ravaged by the bumps that made them gods once, drugs and steroids are often seen as the release and way back to the big stage for these guys. 

Once the TPD released the results of the autopsy, The Weekly Constitutional will make sure to get it out there to you.


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