President Obma releases Bracket as world crumbles...

barack-obama-ncaa-bracket-2011-310x186It should please everyone to know that there are no more ills left in the world...

The American economy is humming like a well oiled machine; chugging along at a pace not seen since the economic boom of a post WWII America.

Wasteful government programs and irresponsible overspending on ill conceived entitlement programs done away with; a new day in Government fiscal policy breaking after the collapse brought about by corruption and indifference constricting the American system for decades.

Our armies, (overly) spread out around the world, brought home to strengthen our communities the same way they strengthened the communities the furthest outposts of the American empire

Yes, a bright new day must have broken over a reborn America as President Obama has decided to take a break of bringing us all the "change" we all so desperately believed he would bring us in order to break down his bracket for the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball tourney.

 Have a gander if you are so inclined:

The American President

Now don’t get me wrong...

I don’t really care that he filled out a bracket.  To be completely honest, it would have probably struck me a bit odd for someone who is as big a fan of basketball as our President claims himself to be to not have filled out a bracket.

Nor do I really give a shit that he made it all about him for ten minutes and “broke down” his choices on ESPN (By the way, What the fuck did Pitt do to him? Every game he had them winning, he made sure to mention how they only are advancing because their competition couldn’t jam a finger up their own asses let alone a ball into a hoop.  That school must really lean Republican or  something...).

There’s just something about the President filling out his bracket that strikes me odd...

Like catching your father masturbating.

 For some reason,I don’t like my “heroes” (for lack of a better word... if it makes you feel better, super villain also works so feel free to sub it in.) to be human.

 Humans are weak... Humans are frail... Humans succumb to their more primal and guttural urges...

 Things Heroes are not supposed to do. 

It’s why the last Superman movie was so loathed... Superman can’t be Superman  while stalking Lois Lane and getting his ass kicked by Kumar.  He can only be Superman when he is being super.

 I don’t need the President worried about whether or not Kansas is gonna let down the POTUS while letting a sixteen seed make itself more troublesome than it should be.

 That’s what my idiot friends do while sneaking a joint in on lunch.

And no offence to my idiot friends but I really don't want them at the helm as our nation navigates through the treacherous waters of tomorrow.

I barely want them driving me home.

 I need my Commander in Chief to be above the fray that the rest of us plebs occupy.  I don't need him worrying about Ohio St. having enough offence to get past Dukes’ defencive looks... I need him worrying about Japanese nuclear meltdowns (great name for a band),the wacky antics of Islamic fundamentalists, and the economy.

 As for his picks...

Not too shabby, to be honest. He ended up going with a lot of chalk (picking favorites) and has Kansas winning it all (this should be a real boost for the other 67 teams as there have been few things the President has found himself on the right side of...).


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