Kobe angers the Gays...

kobeKobe Bryant has drawn the ire of the “Little Pink Army” Tuesday evening, being seen on television calling a referee a “Faggot” during the course of Tuesday night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs after being called for a technical foul.

Thanks to the lightning fast speed of the social media, it took no time at all for the video clip of the Los Angeles Laker’s star to go viral and putting the controversial NBA star back in the negative limelight again.

Check out the footage for yourself…

After a stir of catty insults and hurt feelings, the four time NBA champion issued an apology to the gay rights group HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and all the gays whose feelings he injured with his insensitive comments the following day.

We’re here!  We’re queer!


This does not sit well with me…

If there is anyone Bryant should be saying he is sorry to is the referee he called a faggot in the first place.

Not the some overly sensitive group that got their panties all up in a tizzy not because they heard Kobe Bryant call someone a “fag” but rather because they saw a video where someone is alleging that he called the referee a “fag” (granted, he did apologize for it so their assumption, while still wrong in principle, turned out right…).

But instead we got Kobe saying he is sorry for pissing off a group that I feel is kind of overplaying their hand a little…

While I don’t have the hard data in front of me (most likely because it probably has never been gathered) , I feel it would be a safe assumption to say that there is no better time in the history of Man for a person to be gay.

I know it’s not perfect… it never will be… and we, as a society, are working out asses off for trying to make sure that a lot of this Draconian nonsense is made right.

But to freak out over a word like “faggot” (which I kind of get) and “fag” (which enrages me) kind of makes what could be a strong movement that- if played properly- might actually cross party lines and turns it into some Orwellian politically correct mess that most of us are already quite weary of.

pride-2Now, I could see if the referee in question was in fact a homosexual and #24 called him the afore mentioned slur for no other reason than because of his sexual orientation as to why the Gay Rights group started stoking the “shame” pyres. 

But he called him a faggot because he miscalled a technical.

How does this not make sense?

I understand not wanting to have your sexual orientation being portrayed as a negative trait and maybe this is a sensitivity issue that for whatever reason I really just can’t seem to wrap my mind around but for some reason I really don’t see the connection.

He called him a fag for flagging him for a technical… not for taking it in the shitter.

There’s a bit that Jim Breuer does on stage (I tried to locate it on the YouTube but alas, it is increasingly failing more and more) where the comic explains what exactly men mean when they call another man (for the most part) a “fag”:

“You don’t call someone a fag because they are gay… you call someone a fag because they dropped the kickball…”

And I feel that sums up the issue perfectly.

The word “fag” (as well as “faggot” to a lesser extent) does not seem to mean the same thing to two different groups of people.


To the Gays, the term “fag” (in America, should be noted that “fag” in England means cigarette) is a slur equivalent to nigger and kike and that its usage should be eliminated from out vocabulary.  But to the breeders (especially males) the term “fag” to denote a certain behavior that the speaker is finding unacceptable… and that behavior is usually not sucking dick.

The Problem with Scotland is all the Scots…

This leaves us at an impasse…

Is the term a slur?  Are some of us getting wound up for no reason? 

Truthfully, it is most likely somewhere in the middle…

I’d be willing to give the Gays “Faggot” as it seems to be the one most likely to be thrown at a gay male as opposed to “fag”, which has slowly evolved into a different meaning altogether as it slowly worked its way deep into our vernaculars.

But in the end, we will probably lose them all…