Fact: Mario CAN jump over the flagpole...

super-mario-brosAnyone who grew up in the late 80s to early 90s remembers Super Mario Bros...  Not Mario World or the one where you have the cat suit or anything.  The triple OG joint.

And everyone who ever played that game remembers that they heard from someone who heard from their big brother's friend that you could jump over the flagpole in SMB.

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Olympic death ruled as athlete error...

lugerWho said the Olympic sports were dumb????

Anyone watching Olympic coverage the past few days has no doubt hear about (if not seen thanks to the internet, BTW see attached video...) of Friday’s tragic accident where Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili flew off the track and smacked a steel pole at somewhere around 90 miles per hour.

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Obama to go after BCS,,,

bcs-logoAs the nation's economy struggles to thrive, the world races to Armageddon, and our society dangles on the brink of total collapse, President Obama has decided to fix his administration’s cold change influencing gaze upon the most pressing need in the lives of everyday American...

The Bowl Championship Series...

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A children's book about marijuana???

coverOh the times they are a changin'...

A new children's book, written and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, attempts to tackle a difficult topic for many parents to address with their children... their usage of marijuana.

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An All White Basketball League, and we are not joking...

lebron-james-yankees-game-11It does not take a racist to see that professional basketball has strayed a bit from its fundamental roots.  Lebron James' crab dribble, Shaq' pathetic attempts at free throw shooting, and a field goal shooting percentage averaging in the low 40's league wide would tell you that. 

What does take a racist to do is start an all white basketball league in order to rectify that situation.

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Gay Marriage....

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