Pickin' da winners: Week 6


Tdrew-breezhe life of a gambler has its ups and downs.  Two weeks ago was an up.  11-3 on the Football pool...  100% against the number for the week (and a little better than 80% for the season)...  It was the salad days folks.  But gambling is a long season.  You get hot... but you also get cold.  Weeks happen when you seem to be perpetually on the wrong side of the play, zigging when you have been zagging. 

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Limbaugh to buy Rams...


Crushlimbaugh1onservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is reportedly very interested in becoming co-owner of the St. Louis Rams.  And why would he not???  You all have to have known that one of Limbaugh's lifelong dreams has been to buy Black people.  And unless he moves his base of operations to Africa (or some other backwoods Hell hole where the buying and selling of humans is still socially acceptable), buying an American sports team is about as close as he is going to get...

Buying the team should be no problem for el Rushbo, the highest paid radio broadcaster in history.  But reports coming out of New York's Daily News might put a damper on the whole thing.

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Pickin' da winners: Week 4


alg_lions-celebrateThe ebbs and flows one must go through as a sports gambler can at times be trying.  Not to mention makes little sense.  Against the number right now I am hot... dare I say killing it (went 5-0 last weekend, and I am hoping you did as well).  But in the office pool... I am getting murdered.

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Pickin' da Winners: Week 5


bucs-skinsThere are only a few rules for a sports gambler to live by.  Never bet with your heart.  Never put good money on a bad team.  And perhaps the most important... Never bet more than you can afford to lose, even if it is a sure thing because other than death there are no sure things.  These are tide and true rules, no matter the system.  But gambling is all about taking risks.  Bucking trends.  Breaking rules. 

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Pickin' Da Winners- Week Three


to-touchdownGambling is a strange mistress.  Your system can run like clockwork one week and leave you felted the next.  In Week One, I hit on 14 of 16 games for the pool yet found myself staring at 1-2 for my stone cold locks (proving that there is no such thing as a stone cold lock in life).  In Week Two, the show found itself on the other foot.  2-1 for the SCL picks (3-1 if you were daring enough to jump on the Bonus Pick) but found us with an anemic 8-7 for the pool. 

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