Pickin' da Winners- Week 2...


tyree_catchWell, Week One has come and gone and if you took my suggestions on the Football pool predictions, you should have done well for yourself... 14-2 is nothing to shake a dick at.  But my stone cold locks on the other hand... did not go so well. 

One and fucking two.  Disgusting.  I hit on New Orleans beating up the Lions, but any retard could have (and should have) hit on that one.  But getting whored by the fucking hooker on the Redskins Game (where they lost to the Giants 23-17, a half point off from covering) sucked ass, and to have it followed by Oakland making a game out of it on Monday night only made it worse.

But we get up, dust ourselves off and try, try again with Week Two. 

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Pickin' da Winners-Week 1


mcnabb_zoomWell, your prayers have finally been answered.  Week One of the NFL 2009 season is upon us.  Go ahead, dab that tear from your eye...

For many in America, football season is more than just a reason to do nothing on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon except drink like a sailor on shore leave and scream like an idiot at your TV.  It's about high stakes gambling.  Hell, many believe that gambling is the primary reason that football is as popular in this nation of our as it is. 

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AFC Reveiw...


hit-2With the NFC all wrapped up in a nice little bow for you all, it is time for us to take a good long look at the AFC.  For years, the AFC has been the stronger of the two conferences.  High flying offensive juggernauts and hard hitting, lighting fast defenses are the coin of the realm in the AFC.  But it is a feast or famine conference, with teams bottle necking as they climb to the top (at times leaving 11-5 teams on the outside looking in on a playoff run).

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Juan Manuel Marquez drinks his own pee...


And people wonder why boxing is a dying sport...

We all know that professional athletes will do anything to get an edge.  This is why there is such a problem with steroids in sports these days. 

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NFC Reveiw...


hitFire up the Hibachis and get all your big fat friends to join you.  It's football time and really there is no better time of year. 

The pageantry.  The pomp.  The quote unquote inside information, shady handicappers claiming to have the answers to your prayers (for just a mere ten to twenty bucks a month fee to share them with you), and inane over analysis that goes on day in and day out on talk radio, sports blogs, and that cursed four letter network.  And that's just the pros! 

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Gay Marriage....

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