Review: Red Faction Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerilla BoxThere is nothing more fun than running around shooting things and hijacking vehicles. Grand Theft Auto has proved this over and over again. And now you can do it on Mars. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a new third-person shooter that takes place on Mars. The game was created by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ, with the PC version being ported by Reactor Zero.

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Danica Patrick's comments on using steroids draws the ire of USADA...


Danica PatrickRiddle me this folks...

At what point exactly did we, as a nation, lose our common sense?

For some ungodly reason, the whole world seems to have their panties all up in a bunch over some comments that Danica Patrick made during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

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Brett favre might not be retired after all...


Coming soon to a Sports Illustrated near you???Another May, another Brett Favre story about how he might not be ready to hang the spikes up just yet.  Turns out that the ol' War Horse might have another year left in him after all.  When we left the Brett Favre saga last, Favre was crying in front of ESPN cameras, weeping, talking about how it might be the end for his career.  He told us he didn't have it anymore.  He told us that he just couldn't throw... at least not like he used to.  But lookie lookie, freshly released from the New York Jets, #4 is startin' to get that itch again.  And once again, the Minnesota Vikings are directly linked to this mess.

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Stan Romanek talks about aliens in his new book...


stan_romanekEveryone, meet Stan Romanek. 

Some of you may remember the first time the American people became exposed to the Denver native, as he became thrust into the mainstream after he released a video he shot on a personal camcorder conveniently by his bed of an alien peeping into the window of his bedroom.  Well, Stan is back again, with his book Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story- a 200 page chronicle of his nine year history with alien abduction.

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Turtle humping shoe...

turtle sex 

I am telling you people... this might be the greatest video you will ever watch.

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