Let's remember the true victim of Sandusky's perversions...

sandusky_trial2Anyone following the going on in the Sandusky trial is no doubt having a hard time keeping their heads from spinning...

Sensational tale after sensational tale of flagrant boy ass rape, deviant soapy shower wrestling matches, and explicit notes of twisted lust and perverted love; it would be easy to forget who the true victim is in all of this madness...

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A call to ban high school football...

3-stooges-footballAbout a month ago, I brought to you, loyal reader of these my mindless rambling proclaiming to you that the end of football as we know it is just around the corner.

I preached about how there will eventually come a deafening clamor to remove the game (or horrifically alter it) from high schools, colleges, and recreational leagues as more and more cases showing the game to cause long term, irreparable damage to the brains and bodies of those foolish enough to strap on the helmet and pads and step on to the gridiron begin to pile up.

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A world without the NFL???

footballOn this past Sunday’s ABCThis Week, George Will and Jacob Tapper were discussing the game of professional football, following the suicide of NFL great Junior Seau (it is widely believed that his suicide, like many of the suicides that occur with former players, may be directly linked to the brain injuries succumbed by the players due to years of high level play).

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DC announces major character to "come out"...

homo-avengerNine months ago, DC COMICS announced the reboot of 52 of their major titles. “The New 52”, as they would come to be known, proved to be a successful move; breathing new and fresh life into many of the tired titles muddies by bastardized offshoot after bastardized offshoot and cheapened by lesser pens.

In this move, the comic book published promised to bring a modern look and experience to the characters and stories that they would be telling.

Apparently, being gay is part of modernization.

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DC Comics announces a reboot to everything...

1837125-new_dc_lee_teaser_screenMuch of the world might not have felt it but there was a seismic shift in the comic book world on Tuesday…

On May 31st, DC Comics announced that starting in August every single title in the DC universe is either getting a reboot or dropped.

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