Reality show to feature women of South Boston...

The-Real-Housewives-of-South-BostonI don’t know about you, but after I watch that show about the trashy Guidos get drunk and fight one another, followed by that show where the trashy black chicks get drunk and fight one another, and that one show were the rich white women get drunk and fight one another, I tend to sit back, take a good long hit off my bong and wonder why oh why the geniuses that make the TV have not yet dropped a camera crew into the heart of Boston in order to bring me what has been missing from my television life…

Foul mouthed gingers getting drunk and fighting among themselves.

The Production Company responsible for giving the world Snooki and The Situation are producing a show for TLC following the exploits of five broads from South Boston (or Southie as anyone who saw The Departed and wants to try and act edgy calls it).


The reality series- working under the title Southie Pride- is expected to follow the lives of five Southie women as they struggle to make a life for their families and protect the people they love the most.

495 Productions- the wunderkinds who are dreaming this nightmare up- is currently casting this program for TLC, who ordered 8 episodes sight unseen to premiere in the Fall.

“Spend some time with the women of South Boston and you quickly learn that pride runs deep, family comes first, and that their friendships and rivalries are forever,” said SallyAnn Salsano, President of 495 Productions, in a statement. “And, their accents are wicked awesome.”

Pahk tha cah in Havahd’a yahd…


Gawd… Can you think of anything more unwatchable????

Eight weekly installments of five Southie broads cackling out that boozy word vomit those creatures want to tell us are language fighting among themselves about whatever it is these twats will bicker over (on Bad Girls Club, for example, they bicker over who is the bigger whore).

And what’s worse???

It will be on for years….

imagesAnd it will make millions…

America LOVES watching trashy people on television (it’s why Jerry Springer has found decades of success) and Boston (for some reason, the country is just enamored with Boston…No idea why, but they are…)…

The idea of these two American passions coming together like this Im sure has had network suits making jizzies on themselves in anticipation.

It will be a huge show. And because of it, our nation will drift further along into the dust bin of history.


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