The Many Theories of True Detective... - 2.

The "Brainwashed Kids are the Killers" theory


Buried in those same Reddit threads was an offshoot of the Satanic Cult theory, though this one involves the children of the community- including Marty's- penis_tdtaking part in these ritualistic murders. The proof for this is thinner than the In Laws strain, it's biggest proof found in the odd Barbie orgy and the penis drawings. 

The basis for the theory is the belief that the two detectives were brought in for questioning because there are current Yellow King styled killings, which the theory contends are being done by these brainwashed children replicating the horrors the Satanic Cult impressed upon them twelve years earlier. 


Where it Falls Apart:

There really isn't much here other than the ramblings of lunatic Redditers. If we are going to say that the in-law theory is thin, than we have to acknowledge that one could roll a joint with this one. 

The "Rusty is a Medium" theory


In Episode One, Rusty sees an apparition of Marie Fontenot, the little girl that had gone missing yet no one thought to look for her. Later in the episode, he goes to her house, where he finds a piece of evidence, leading him to conclude that this disappearance is linked to the Dora murder. In the next episode, bird-swirlRusty sees the swirling bird pattern, played off to the audience as just another one of Rusty's hallucinations. Yet at the church ruins, they find the painting of the murder scene that opened the series. Coincidence? Dumb luck? Or messages from beyond? 


Where it Falls Apart:


It really doesn't, as even if this is the case, the show won't give us the satisfaction of a big, revealing pay off of Rusty sitting around once all is wrapped in a nice bow, smoking his cigarette, drinking his beer, and chatting to the ghosts in his head. This one is more for the viewer to interpret for themselves. 

But, if you are looking for some sort of fact to peg some reason to this, most of the defenders of this theory I saw- once backed into a corner to defend this bit of madness- would pull out the crucifix Rusty has fixed prominently in his home; the professed atheist unable to deny the presence of the supernatural influencing his life. Remember, Rusty doesn't lack faith but rather has seen enough ugly to no longer believe in anything beyond the horrific nature of his fellow man. 


The "Rusty is fucking with the cops" theory


Of all the theories floating around out there, this one is the thinnest and most inexplicable of them all. It contends that Rusty has been the killer all along, his professional need to leave Texas covering a string of grizzly murders we will learn about in the final two episodes. The murder in 2002 was his only error, finding himself having to study his own handiwork and frame some poor sap for having done it. Needless to say, Maggie blows the whole cover up; her desire to cuckold her husband outweighing Rusty's need to finish playing out his twisted game (hence why he throws her out in anger, his best laid plans ruined by a woman scorned. Speaking of, there is an odd offshoot of the brainwashed Maggie theory where her seducing of Rusty was not her acting out of cold vengeance but rather subliminal orders issued by the cult her parents are leading in the hopes of breaking up the investigation that was starting to get to close). 


Where it Falls Apart:


Other than the sheer insanity of the theory of it, thinnest again kills this theory. It's only evidence for being something other than a flight of sick fancy is Rusty's uttering of "company men" as two officers leave the room. They also theorize that his 2012 apperance with long hair, facial scruff, and a lingering drunk upon him are not his deep Redneck roots pouring out of him, but in fact is an effort to have him distanced from the scoundrals and "company men" of the police department. 


Of course, we would be remiss if we don't mention the most likely of the theories being bandied about out there concerning this show. It was dreamed up by radio genius Ron Bennington, legendary comedian and radio raconteur, on Sirius/XM's Ron & Fez Show.


This is going to be nothing. This is a show about two guys, with about twenty seconds of other people. We are going to be disappointed by this, just like Lost.



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