Joan Rivers and the Threat of the PC Police...

42514a-pcbusterWe discuss a lot about the overly sensitive nature of this country, and how this will eventually lead to a dulling of this culture. For years now, we have been documenting this slow slide into benignity as our culture has decided that the most pressing issues our society has to wrestle with isn't the ever expanding scope of Federal control, rampant corruption in the halls of power, or the stupefying of the American citizenry for political expediency but rather the discomfort of certain segments of our population are with comments made by others. 

And this week, we have a great example of it. 




Earlier in the week, comedian Joan Rivers had an appearance on the Today Show in which she made a very 42514a-joanriversfunny joke comparing sleeping in her daughter's guest room to the plight of the poor Cleveland girls scumbag Ariel Castro kept bound in his House of Horrors. The joke, which the general public chuckled at while sipping coffee and then go on for the rest of their day as though nothing had happened at all, caused the victims of Castro to demand an "I'm sorry" from Rivers through their lawyer. In response, Joan Rivers claimed the comment was a joke and not intended to hurt or slight anyone (sans her unfunny daughter and her shitty guest room).

 Unsatisfied by her dismissal of the hurt feelings of the Cleveland Three, the Today Show went on to release their own apology for the statements made by Rivers, complete with all the groveling and faux sadness we have come to expect from politically correctness forced apologies. 



Sickening, isn't it? 

42514a=geistkissroker"We hope our reactions in real time show the way we felt about her attempted "joke", if you wanna call it that," opined Today Show host Willie Geist, flanked by the two female co-host nodding along sympathetically, acting as though the comedian had used their airwaves to scream the word "nigger" or some other inexcusable expletive utterance. 

 It's important to note that for her part in this  Joan Rivers has offered no apology, stating to TMZ "They got to live rent free for more than a decade." She doubled down on her unwillingness to say sorry in her statements to the Cleveland Plain Dealers telling them "There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That’s what I do. Calm down. Calm fucking down. I’m a comedienne. They’re free, so let’s move on..."


My feelings are hurt!!!!

This drippy softness from the Today Show happened on the same week as Duke University unleashed upon the world their feel good movement of the summer, the "#youdontsay" campaign (a meme campaign intent on making young people stop using certain politically incorrect terms and phrases in the interest of protecting the fragile feelings and self esteems of certain segments of our population).







These "inspiring" posters, featuring well intentioned little brown shirts hoping to soften the discourse between citizens, comes from the same place as this apology... A deep desire by Politically Correct Progressives to not offend. 


But in the process, we lose the free will of intention.


Joan Rivers wasn't trying to hurt these girls or return them to the Hell that had been their decade long stay in Hotel Castro. She was making a joke (a funny one to boot). But her intention is lost, the focus being on the preciousness of these poor girls and the horrors of thier struggle. No different than how deep meaning and cruel intentions are now applied to phrases like "don't be a pussy" or "man up", adding to them the new 42514a-manupProgressive "it" term- micro aggression (the unseen bigotry hidden deep within our subconscious).    

Context doesn't matter. Intention doesn't matter. You are guilty because society has programmed you to be such... Especially if you happen to be a white male (you can add an extra dose of "you're fucked" if you happen to top that white male sundae with a scoop of Christianity).

All that matters is the fragile perspective of these "victims" (be they the kidnapped Cleveland girls or some soft weepy boy tired of hearing the term "man up" being tossed about because it reminds him of the constant refrain uttered by his father to his pissy eyed son during countless games and projects), the free ability to express oneself be damned. The intention is to eventually, after enough careers have been ruined and enough friendships lost, have the American people self censor their discourse; scrubbing every hurtful joke and "intolerant" view from the American lexicon and thus the arena of ideas. 

As of right now, these tactics are seeming to gain a strong hold in this area- the idea of hurt feelings trumping free expression. (This is something the Gay Mafia has excelled in, making tremendous headway over the past few years by simply making it so any utterance of a viewpoint other than "homosexuality is natural and wonderful" is seen as hate speak. This forced acceptance got Brenden Eich fired from Mozilla due to a few donations he made to a California anti-Gay marriage amendment, and would have gotten Phil Robertson booted from Duck Dynasty due to his religious based comments he made during an interview had it not been for a  strong public backlash against the move.) 

But how long before it festers into other arenas of discourse? 

42514a-censorWe have seen these first few steps toward this new battlefield, the claiming of certain words being racist code words that Conservative politicians are using to communicate their hateful plans to their equally bigoted followers. The idea that saying words like "Chicago" (used to convey the dirty nature of Obama's mafia like political movements) or "holding down the fort" (hurtful to Native Americans that are in the position they are currently in because, sadly, they couldn't) convey cruel, hateful, racial, sexist, genderist, xenophobic, homophobic, judgemental, or otherwise intolerant expressions, whether intentional or not by the speaker. 

And their hope is it will go further... Getting to the point where one can not oppose any Progressive issue, sold on its need to help the suffering of some group or another, lest you want to be painted as a hate filled monster.

Think it's madness???

Supporting the rights of gun owners provided by the Second Amendment?? Good luck washing all that dead kid blood off your knuckles, you filthy savage. 

 Think that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman? You're a hate monger that won't stop your crusade until you see every gay impaled on a pike.  

Have anything at all you want to see outlawed, regulated, and otherwise done away with? Say it's bad for kids to be exposed to it...

Control the language and you control the debate.