Jon and Kate call it quits...

jon-and-kate-gosselin-divorce1There is no more love left in the world.

Kate Gosselin, the "Kate" from Jon and Kate plus Eight, has reportedly filed for no fault divorce Tuesday.  Gosselin, who with her estranged husband had been the talk of the tabloids for a few weeks now, claimed that the marriage has been "Irretrievably broken" and that the couple had been living separate lives now for the past few weeks.

kateOn thier show Monday, the Gosselins told America about thier separation and pending divorce.  The episode drew 10.6 million viewers, all but assuring us that thier divorce will be thoroughly documented by the cameras of the Learning Channel.

In her papers, filed in a Montgomery County Courthouse just outside of Philadelphia, Kate claimed willingness to "negotiate a fair and reasonable" settlement with Jon, her husband of ten years.  But having watched enough of that show to make an educated guess, I sincerely doubt it.  Kate is a royal cunt and the past few episodes have shown the palpable tension between the two.  If Jon does not lawyer up for this one, I guarantee that she will take his ass to the cleaners (and don't think for a minute that paying child support for eight kids for the next thirteen years is in any way do-able).

jon, with some rando in a bar.  For weeks now, the couple had been denying the tabloid and internet rumors that they had been cheating on each other.  But with the suddenness of the filing (and allegations that Jon was out taxing all the available ladies in Pennsylvania), new life is breathed into the speculation that these two lovebirds may have been pulling the wool over the eyes of thier millions of fans, believing that the show they were watching was actually a day in the life of the cute little happy family instead of a bunch of mercenaries whoring out thier children and destroying thier marriage just for a couple of thousand dollars.


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