Fat people dancing is funny...


Dance Your Ass offWhat is going on with television these days??

Why is it that there are so many fat people on TV?  Once the exclusive playground of the beautiful and emotionally scarred, TV executives have seemed to have struck gold in programming for the bulbous and rotund in mind as fat men and women are popping up all over the Television Landscape.  And not the slightly overweight on these shows... Much like getting a job in the circus, only the cartoonishly obese need apply.

Originally, NBC's Biggest Loser was the home for the grotesquely overweight, as America joined them on their journey to find the skinny them buried deep within their lipidy exterior.  But with a rating bonanza comes a line of cheap imitators trying to cash in on the desire of an increasingly overweight public seeing people on TV they could relate to.

Just a sample of the jiggly goodness...Today while channel surfing I came across this gem of a show.  It is hosted by the fat chick that was in Hairspray and the concept for the show is simple.  Fat people go on the show to dance the pounds away.  The loser isn't the one who dances the worst, but rather the one who loses the least amount of weight.  Yet there are judges who score the dance numbers anyway (all be it extremely generously).

Check out this clip, if you please...

Now, do you see the magic?   

Much like any reality show, this one draws the same four base personality types: Overemotional minorities, repressed recluses, flaming homosexuals, and "I am womyn, hear me roar..." broads- only on this show, they have the added dimension of being dressed up in tight, tiny dance costumes and moving about rhythmically.  Dance your ass off, on OxygenOh, it is a comedic tour de force.

So if you want to feel better about yourself (or are just looking for a way to cough out a good chuckle), check your local listing for Dance your ass off, on Oxygen.


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