Can Vince and Shamwow make a comeback?

Vince Shlomi is back on TV, yes you heard it right, Shamwow commercials are back and with a new commercial. The new spot plays on an internet trend that millions enjoy every day. Will it be enough to help Vince get to the top of the As Seen On Tv Industry? Billy Mays is rolling over in his grave as you read this. Watch the latest video complete with break dancers and techno music.

Vince was on fire last year and everybody was talking about Shamwow. He followed it up with SlapChop. Both products are direct competitors to Billy May's Zorbeez and Quick Chop. With his old products and new style Vince was ready to take on the King of Pitchmen Billy Mays. Then he had the worst 2009 ever. After wrecking his car and almost losing his tongue to a hooker he beat up, he almost completely disappeared from Televisions. While America loves to see people fall from the top it does not buy products from quasi celebrity screw ups.


Can his new commercial lead to new sales and maybe new products?

Now armed with a new ad campaign Vince is ready to take your order for Shamwows. TV Commercial mash-ups or remixes are nothing new to all of us on the internet. Videos featuring Vince's products Shamwow and SlapChop are all over Youtube. Now in a hope to capitalize on their popularity you'll be able to enjoy the infamous DJ Steve Porter's version in between segments of your favorite shows. DJ Steve Porter is well known for his remixes of everything including commercials, songs, television shows and interviews. I just hope this doesn't become a new trend. Watching these commercial parodies online can be enjoyable and they do provide a couple of good laughs. I don't want to see The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody) or the Mighty Putty Dub on TV. They would get old fast. At least you can use your Tivo or DVR to fast forward through the disaster. I know I will. Plus I think because of his tongue almost being bitten off, if Vince sounds like Elmer Fudd, he could sell snow shovels in Florida.



By Ian Handleman
The Weekly Constitutional