Top Five Seinfeld side characters...

lens12472351_1280805752seinfeld-logoThis week’s passing of actor Len Lesser, best known as Jerry Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo, got my mind rolling on a thought that really had me burning some calories…

Which characters were the best from Seinfeld?

Seinfeld-logo-97BCBB8BBA-seeklogoAs great as the main characters are, for the vast majority of us our “favorite characters” are typically not the four primary (mainly- I believe- because of an assumed liking of them from go) but rather those small bit characters that the show was so known for creating.

Man-Hands… The Maestro… perhaps even the elusive Bob Saccamotto… join us as we see who turns up on The Weekly Constitutional’s….


Top Five Seinfeld Characters

Before we begin a note- While coming up with our lists, the staff kept coming up with the characters of Newman, Frank Costanza, and Estelle Costanza.  Upon discussion we felt that to include these characters was not fair to the other characters because as the series rolled up, these three characters garnered a ton of screen time, making them almost parts of the main cast.

UncleLeo5). Uncle Leo

Jerry’s Uncle Leo (appearing in fifteen episodes) was obsessed with the achievements of his never seen son Jeffery or the effects of anti-Semitism on his life.  Appearances on the show usually marked by his grandiose “HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOO”….


jackie-chiles4). Jackie Chiles

It would be totally inappropriate, lewd,salacious, and outrageous to not include this Johnnie Cochran homage on  this list. 



mrpitt13). Mr. Pitt

Elaine really worked for awesome characters.  Most notable appearances would be when he decided to eat chocolate bars with a knife and fork and when he donned the “Hitler” look while giving a speech.



Steinbrenner-Seinfeld2). “Big Stein”

This show didn’t only make the passing of low grade career character actors notable.  How much you wanna bet when George Steinbrenner died, a shocking number of people ate calzones in honor of Larry David’s cartoonish caricature of the legendary Yankees owner.


peterman1). A.J. Peterman

The eccentric owner/publisher of the Peterman Fashion Catalogue and Elaine’s boss; His notable appearances include needing to be rescued from an opium induced Hell from deep within the jungles of Myanmar and the buying of Kramer’s life story in order to  pad his own.