Teen Mom 2's Janelle fight video!!!

bra-2Here’s a shocking bit of news for the world…

Janelle  Evens, the cock  drunk teenager filling the role as “the white trashy one” on the current run of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, apparently was filmed beating the dog snot out of some other teenage single mother last week in North Carolina.

Check out the video (it’s actually a pretty decent fight…):

Throw an elbow!!!


To quote Andy Williams “Where do I begin…”

Holy  fuckaroni.

First of all, anyone else notice that the fight spectators were cheering these two glittering jewels on like the corner men in a UFC fight???

I know for a fact I distinctly heard someone tell Janelle to throw more elbows while the two trashy cunts were in the midst of a clench.

Now, as to the story…

Anyone who has spent any time this season with Teen Mom 2 ( The follow-up to the wildly successful Teen Mom, an MTV reality show where Dr. Drew and MTV’s cameras follow around four teenagers living out the worst decision they ever made… except for Caitlyn and Tyler, the two products of indiscriminant breeding who [wisely] decided to give their baby 75dcb_jenelle-evans-mother_375x281up.  They opted to let America look into the window of their home and see the living dysfunction that was their life.) really is not in the least shocked to see this amazing performance out of Janelle, given her already displayed tendencies in shitty decision making and volatile temper. .

While there has been no acknowledged reasons as to why  Janelle went looking to go throw hands with Brittany Truett, the word around  the internet seems to be that it was a quarrel  between Janelle and Truett was over Janelle’s (and I’m sure it is safe to assume Brittany T.’s) on again/off again deadbeat boyfriend Keifer Delp.

But whether or not Janelle and Brittany mixed it up because of Keifer isn’t the only controversy stick stirring around this tall glass of shit shake…

teen-mom-2-jenelle-evans-mugshot__opt_85294Shortly after being bailed out of jail (due to an arrest n Sunday stemming from the afore mentioned fight) Evens’ attorney commented that Janelle was “setup” in the fight by her “friend” Brittany Maggary  (the broad sen shoving Janelle into Truett at the 0:15 mark of the tape.  She is also presumably the one shouting “Get ‘er Janelle” over and over throughout the video.) in some twisted financial plot.

For her part in the fracas, Maggard (who ran straight into the arms of TMZ after having Evens ignore her calls for bail after her arrest stemming from her involvement in the fight) said that the idea to go fight Truett was all Evens’ and that her little shove was her helping Janelle get what she wanted, not part of an elaborate plot to setup the skanktastic reality diva.


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