Can Vince and Shamwow make a comeback?

Vince Shlomi is back on TV, yes you heard it right, Shamwow commercials are back and with a new commercial. The new spot plays on an internet trend that millions enjoy every day. Will it be enough to help Vince get to the top of the As Seen On Tv Industry? Billy Mays is rolling over in his grave as you read this. Watch the latest video complete with break dancers and techno music.

Fat people dancing is funny...


Dance Your Ass offWhat is going on with television these days??

Why is it that there are so many fat people on TV?  Once the exclusive playground of the beautiful and emotionally scarred, TV executives have seemed to have struck gold in programming for the bulbous and rotund in mind as fat men and women are popping up all over the Television Landscape.  And not the slightly overweight on these shows... Much like getting a job in the circus, only the cartoonishly obese need apply.

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Canadian Actor Les Lye passes away at 84...

les lyr, 84Sad news for anyone who (like me) spent their formative years sitting on their ass being raised by Nickelodeon... Canadian actor Les Lye has passed away at the age of 84 on Tuesday.

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Shows about fat girls are like mopeds....

more-to-love-logoBelieve me

I know that this means the end for our society.  I know that by not only admitting that I like this show, but that by going as far as recommending- nay, demanding- that everyone reading these words stop for just one second and go make sure that their DVRs are set to whatever your Fox affiliate is and making sure that you are recording Tuesday nights are nine, I am knowingly condemning our nation into generations of decline.  I know all this and I am still going to demand that you do so right now.  I'll wait...


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Jon and Kate call it quits...

jon-and-kate-gosselin-divorce1There is no more love left in the world.

Kate Gosselin, the "Kate" from Jon and Kate plus Eight, has reportedly filed for no fault divorce Tuesday.  Gosselin, who with her estranged husband had been the talk of the tabloids for a few weeks now, claimed that the marriage has been "Irretrievably broken" and that the couple had been living separate lives now for the past few weeks.

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Gay Marriage....

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