Bantha poodoo from the Star Wars rumor mill...

star wars lead1Star Wars mania has reached a fever pitch for me. Every day I am finding myself spending more and more of my precious free time digging around the interweb searching for any and all nuggets if information floating around out there about the beloved Franchise of my youth (and the bain of my early twenties until Revenge of the Sith, the most watchable of the three).

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And so begins the Star Wars rumor mill....

Mickey-Mouse-Darth-VaderThe news of Lucas' selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney and the subsequent announcement that Disney was fast tracking a new trilogy to be kicked off in 2015 has done more than turn the enthusiasm of the Star Wars fanboys to a fever pitch not seen since 1998 (the year before the release of Phantom Menace, a movie whose release was equivalent to the Hiroshima of the Star Wars Universe with its mush-mouthed gungans and dry, uninspired script.

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Writer confirmed for Episode VII!!!!

dis-vaderLast week, when the news avalanched onto the internet announcing Disney's acquiring of Lucasfilm and their official greenlighting of Star Wars: Episode VII- set for release in 2015- there was quiet anticipation.

After three dogshit prequels, countless "reimaginings" of the original three (as well as the prequels in their new 3-D forms), fans of the beloved franchise are a little gun-shy about any sort of new Star Wars product.

But Disney seems intent on making sure that they put those concerns at ease…

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New Tim Armstrong is "Quite Alright"...

tim-timebomb-its-quite-alright-e1352748087413Being a fan of a musician can sometimes be a hard thing…

You are going to have those good times… sure… the salad days when the songs are crisp, the sound is unique, and the energy is totally organic. And then you will have those other albums… the ones forgotten by everyone.

Follow a band long enough and they will produce it…. Pennywise has been doing that steady for the better part of five years now.

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McCartney claims Yoko innocent!!!

mccartneyIn my mind, I always like to envision that between Yoko and Paul McCartney there is this underlying hatred just waiting for someone to say that one word which will unleash Hell upon them and an unsuspecting (though rather deserving) world which allows that vile creature to exist…  A hate that is so deep and so dug in that there is no escape from its grasps, and every time Sir Paul runs into a china woman (or, to be fair, Yoko runs into a pasty limey) the two begin muttering profanities under their breathes; the only thing keeping a full-fledged brawl from breaking out is the class and dignity that being a billionaire can bring.

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