Never too old to ROCK!!!!!

rs-lipsIt is a troubling thing...

When one turns on the radio and hears the first truly rocking bit of new music he has heard in easily a year and a half...

Only to discover that its authors are old enough to be his grandfather.

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Crow dimed out Armstrong during Federal probe...

crowSo it turns out that Sheryl Crow is nothing more than filthy, cheese eating rat…

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Premium Rush looks awful...

On-premium-Rush-Set-joseph-gordon-levitt-15254905-500-419Admittedly I am not the target demo for Premium Rush.

I imagine that this movie is intended to teenage girls to go flocking to see in droves, perhaps dragging their boyfriend in tow.

And I also realize that it was probably one of those movies that actors are making because they need a paycheck that in a normal market would have never seen the light of day.

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The Rock thwarts real crime!!!

rockA gang of London youths almost got the distinct pleasure of going one on one with the Great One, as the Rock- the People’s Champion- put boots to ass to rampant British crime.

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Why do these sad songs sting so much...

MusicAndMemoryWe all have sad songs from our past that for whatever reason we have decided to hold them precious.

Sometimes, like for example the song you danced with your wife to at your wedding or the one playing the first time you got a kiss, get attached with a memory.

Other times, the songs are less one memory and rather the “song of their time”... Just a song that just reminds you of an entire period of your life.

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