The 81st Annual Academy Awards... BLAHHHH...

Well the Oscars were last night.  The pomp.  The celebrity.  That near queer Ryan Seacrest working the red carpet like a starving whore when the fleet comes in.  Hugh Jackman queened it up, only proving to me further his amazing acting chops.  I mean have we ever seen Wolverine sashay about like that swishy fuck does?  Musical numbers… bad shtick… he was a cock away from breaking the hearts of millions of comic book nerds.  But for what he was, he wasn’t bad… not good by any stretch of the imagination but not bad.

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From Olympic Gold to Alcapulco Gold

Micheal PhelpsSix months ago, Michael Phelps had the world by the tail.  Eight gold metals, millions in the banks, and just enough speculation about super powers to make a man feel good about himself.  Yes sir… never before in the hystory of the world has a slacked jawed piece of Baltimore white trash done so much with so little. 

But the funny thing about being an American icon these days.  You get built up as high as you can go… but just because the media (and the people who watch it, which is all of us) want nothing more than to watch the mighty fall that comes from it. 

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Sex, Drugs, and Booze in the Ol' Ball Game

Remember the good ol’ days?  When a baseball team didn’t look like a Carnival parade, and the illegal substances that they were abusing weren’t steroids?

Well Darryl Strawberry does, and he has written all about it… much to the shagrin to many of his former teammates.

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