Third Hand Smoke?

A new threat is looming over all of our heads in 2009.It kills without prejudice.Strikes without a trace.And it may very well be bullshit.

In a further attempt by the nanny state to control our lives behind closed doors, a new study came out pointing to the effects of third hand smoke.That’s right… third hand smoke.

Now, all of my life I have been told how awful cigarette smoking was for the smoker.Then of course, we all learned of the dangers of second hand smoking- all the risk of smoking with none of the cool points or sex appeal.But researchers quoted in the journal Pediatrics claim that cigarettes are sooo dangerous that even the lingering effects from them can cause children to have difficulty reading.Far be it from me to think that there is more to this that just the good intentions of do-gooders to save us all from ourselves, but to be truthful this sounds like the greatest load of bullshit to have moved down the pike in quite a while.The idea of second hand smoke makes sense.Whether or not it makes people sick in one thing, but the idea that someone smoking around you might make you uncomfortable is viable and should a society decide that they would rather not be inconvenienced by a segment of the population’s vice is within reason.But for whatever reason, it is not bad enough to just say as a culture “we are not putting up with you stink anymore, you icky smokers!”For some reason our culture likes to take those things we find icky and undesirable and damn them.Don’t believe me???In turn of the century America, our culture (or the great grandfathers of the people currently trying to take all the sharp corners out of our lives) decided that there was no greater evil in our world that fermented drink (booze) and they tried to outlaw it.In the late 60’s, they did the same thing to marijuana, finding a link between people smoking pot and people who were questioning the ills of our government and society.And now they aim to get rid of tobacco.But to this I ask if these fucking things are so dangerous, why don’t we just ban them?The government banned marijuana arbitrarily and then worried about making sure that they got the American people to see things their way.Why not do the same thing to cigarettes?Never mind that the facts don’t quite add up.Didn’t stop them with weed, did it?Disregard the fairness of the whole movement.We don’t let fags marry one another.Ignore the numbers that would say otherwise (like how Europeans smoke way more than Americans and also have children who read better than Americans).If the American people (or at least a small percentage of them who have access to emails and letter head) demand that something needs to go away, then, by Gumby, let’s make it go away.Fuck it.The Government has already shredded the Constitution and the idea of a Free America in order to try and protect us from dangers.Why limit it to emails and phone calls?If tobacco is such a risk that just being around a room where someone one time smoked a cigarette might turn a child illiterate then why allow them to be sold at all?After all, what kind of a society would we be if we didn’t do everything in our power to protect the children (except of course from child molesters, who we have to let out of jail early because of overcrowding caused by needless crime enforcement, and don’t monitor as tightly as we should because we do not have the cash in the coffers to fund the officers necessary to do just that)?




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