Obama scaring the Right.

Republicans are pulling thier hair out over President Obama's seemingly breakneck pace at consolidation of Federal power.  The crfies started Monday as talk radio and Fox News began discussing Obama's stealth insertion of federal regulations demanding that doctors place the medical records of ever American citizen be placed in an electronic database. 

These records would then be available to a federal regulator who would have access to them in order to review medical procedures being done to people in order to keep the medical costs of the American people under control (similer to the systems used by Canadia and Great Brittian).  Right wing commentators feel that this is the first brick in the wall that is Universal Medical Coverage.

And as Obama and his administration spent most of Tuesday trying to downplay the creepy, Big Brother potential of Obama's stimulus plan, another bit of troubling news began crossing the news wires.  Turns out that Obama wants to keep the closest of eyes on the 2010 census, and wants to make sure that his chief of staff (and top political attack dog) Rom Emanuel in charge of the whole thing.

Whether this is just federal micromanagment to the fullest, blatant gerrymandering done to insure two terms and total Democratic congressional control, of the beginings of the slide towards totalitarianism, there is something very troubling about the recent powergrabs coming out of Washington.

Very troubling indeed...


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