Fed declares national emergency over Swine Flu...


Coming soon to a neighborhood near you...Swine flu mania, 2009!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

As t-shirts are being ordered to commemorate the next latest and greatest world killing Apocalypse and media talking heads shake in orgasmic delight at the prospect of Americans dying in the street (and of course their ability to televise it for the world to see), the US government has declared a national emergency in regards to the Swine Flu epidemic.  In Mexico, the Swine Flu has been deemed responsible for the deaths of over 80 people so far, but dozens more are expected to meet their fate at the end of the cloven hoof of Swine Flu.

For those of you living under a bus, Swine Flu is a mutated virus that typically affects pigs.  The mutation seems to have stemmed in Mexico, and being that it is an airborne pathogen it is passing along rather rapidly.  Pockets of outbreaks are occurring in spots all over the United States, from Queens, New York to reports coming out of Texas and California.  The Obama Administration, not wanting to be caught with their pants down should thins actually be something to worry about, came out Sunday and declared the Swine Flu outbreak a national emergency, even though the reported American cases seem to be much milder (and in no way yet life threatening as the virus has been in Mexico).

Dr. Richard BesserHoping to justify his salary as chief of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Richard Besser made this statement "As we continue to look for causes, we are going to see a broader spectrum of disease...  We're going to see more severe disease in this country."  Ghoulish, isn't it???

Homeland security Chief Janet Napolitano also made a statement, wanting to assure the American people that while the Federal Government is taking this action there is really nothing to worry about, maintains that the declaration is intended to minimize the impact of the disease.  Janet NapolitanoShe urges the American people to think of the action more as a "Declaration of Emergency Preparedness"- citing that similar measures were taken in preparation for President Obama's Inauguration and for the flooding in the Mid-West earlier this year.

Now, a conspiracy minded individual would look at this action- yet another ramp up of Federal power- as a chilling reminder that our personal liberties are one knee jerk away from being a faint memory.  In the event of a national emergency declaration coming to fruition, civil liberties would be suspended as the full power of Washington will be unleashed to 'protect the American people' and maintain order.  A more pragmatic person might realize that after having seen the public backlash politicians felt after the Government (both federal and state) dragged its feet in dealing with the preparation and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Obama administration is not willing to allow any national emergency go unnoticed.  Let's not forget, if nothing happens in regards to the swine flu, the Government would have just as much right to claim that it was because of their preventative measures as much as the rest of us might want to claim it to have been a whole lot about nothing.

mexican_soldiersAt the end of the day, this really is a whole lot about nothing.  Of course the flu would be harder felt in Mexico than it would be in the US of A.  In case no one has noticed, Mexico does not have remotely near the ability to handle a medical emergency among its people.  It's a fucking third world nation!!!  The Mexican government is too busy making sure that the Drug Cartels do not take over the government to worry about some poor bastards along the border getting run through by a butched up flu virus.  The people, left to handle this by themselves, do not have the resources that the American people have at their disposal... not the medical expertise nor the access to treatment.  Of course there is some risk...viruses have banged up Man for centuries and every now and again nature gives knocking man down a peg another whack.  And while there is nothing wrong with the Government making themselves ready to handle this issue, for the media to take something like the Swine Flu and turn it into the greatest national security issue the Government has had to deal with is a bit much.  But this is American, and unfortunately the one thing we produce better than anyone else is hype.


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