Strange trumpet sound heard round the world...

louis-armstrongA strange ominous Trumpet like sound has been heard all over the world again.

A trumpet sound (best described as the trumpet noise Christopher Nolan seemed to be in love with in Inception) has been heard again all over the world, leaving millions to wonder where the sound is coming from.

angel-trumpetWhile strange, off putting, and just a tad ominous (especially with all the Apocalyptic fervor surrounding the 2012 myths) this is not the first time that the horns have been heard.

Reports have been pouring in from the four corners of the Earth, claiming to have heard this same mysterious sound since August of 2011 (the reports seemed to died down some time in October of 2011 with them recently starting to crop back up).

Check out these videos featuring the noise…

(There are a couple here. Please check them out. It is really a rather neat phenomenon…)

Video #1

Taken in Manitoba, Canada on January 15th, 2012. Clearly, the sound is not thunder. The noise bears a striking resemblance to the roar of the Cloverfield monster.

Video #2

Taken on January 14th, 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sounds very much like the noise in the previous video.

Video #3

This is an audio recording of the same noise being observed in Kiev, Ukraine from August 3rd, 2011. Really worth listening to for a minute or so…

Video #4

It’s an 11 minute video of these “Trumpet” sounds being heard in Russia again on August 11th, 2011.

Video #5

This is perhaps the most unusual of the crop of videos as it features not only the ominous trumpeting sound but also a triangular light formation. Coincidence???

Like Louis Armstrong blew the trumpet…


It’s an off-putting sound, ain’t it?

Remind anyone else of that weird space probe from Star Trek IV (the one where Kirk and the crew had to go back in time to fetch some Humpbacked whales in order to sing to the alien probe intent on destroying our world)???

There seem to be as many varied explanations for the noise as there are ears that have witnessed it…

Religious zealots of every faith feel it is the sounding of the Trumpet of the Almighty, signaling the beginning of the Apocalypse.


Others claim the sound to be the thrusters from an enormous alien mothership as it passes over a city/area (this video is supported by Video 5). Needless to say, those who dreamed up this nutty explanation claim that the alien mothership is making this noise while cruising along cloaked by some sort of invisibility field.

There are some (admittedly, these are those who have just shit for an imagination) who feel that the noise could be an earthquake or some other geological release of subterranean pressure.

And of course, you can’t do an unexplained phenomenon story without the “this is total bullshit” crowd making sure we all know that they know that this is nothing more than some lonely asshole’s cries for attention (these guys, I might add, suck)…

While we might never know what it is causing that noise (unless, of course, either this is an alien invasion or all Hell is loosed upon the Earth…) we at The Weekly Constitutional will be sure to let you know of anything the second we hear about it (Because while there seem to be as many theories as there are witnesses, strangely absent from the above listing of explanations is the World’s governments thoughts on the matter).


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