A new theory as reports of Trumpet sounds come from Tennessee...

angeltrumpetReports have been popping all over the internet for the past few days concerning those mysterious trumpet sounds being heard all over the world.

This time, the sounds- described by many who have alleged to have heard the sound as “the trumpet of the Lord sounding the Apocalypse” (it’s possible these folks might have a touch of a bias)- have finally been confirmed to have been heard within the borders of the contiguous United States, namely in the countryside of Tennessee.

The reports have been coming throughout January, 2012 over these trumpet sounds (with many sources claiming that the sounds have been heard in the state since March, 2011). Numerous eye witnesses have been reporting (either to fringe sites or to personal YouTube entries) hearing the sound.

There has yet to be any official word (either from a world government or from the scientific community) as to what has been causing their global phenomenon, allowing two popular theories to effervesce out there (three actually, but no one wants to talk about the hoax theory, alleging that the videos are part of an elaborate viral ad campaign intended to hype Mass Effect 3 as it is boring and a dead end).

The first theory, this is the sounds of the Trumpets of the Lord announcing the beginnings of the foretold Tribulations intended to usher in the return of Christ (and, by default, the End of Time), is no doubt the more popular among the people (though something tells me it is less because they are hearing the call of their Father and more because they are being ironic hipster douches) . The second rumor- a slightly more logically sound yet still terrifying and ripped from the Silver Screen- the sound is nothing more than the sound that the magnetosphere of the planet makes as it is warped and morphed by whatever object (some feel it is the changes in the gravity pull of the sun upon the Earth while others believe it to be the world killing Wormwood) happens to be in space monkeying with things.

Needless to say, should something more definitive come up, we will be the first to let you now…


A different sort of theory…

While the popular theory explaining this sound (and the one that I buy into) is the warping of the magnetosphere seems to be the most logical explanation for the sound, a different, slightly more out there theory came to me…

End of World the end is near signI had written an article a year ago or so concerning the apparitions that this Brazilian man (named Pedro Regis) has been receiving from the Virgin Mary for quite some time and- being that we were in 2012 and all-had started looking back into his more recent predictions (the last message he received from the Blessed Mother was in November or 2011) concerning our world.

For example, on 01/04/2011, the Holy Mother (through Mr. Regis) stated:

“… Humanity will carry a heavy cross, and no man will be able to stop that which must come. A destructive fire coming from the depths of the earth will provoke great changes in nature. Many regions of the earth will become desert. Death will travel in the interior of the earth and cause destruction in many countries. I suffer because of what is coming to you…”

 Or on 3/13/2011:

“…You will yet see horrors on earth. Bend your knees in prayer. God is in a hurry, and now is the time for your return. Don´t cross your arms. Death will cross various countries of Europe and there be great destruction. Now is the time of great tribulations for humanity. Seek strength in Jesus. China will drink the bitter cup of pain. Great devastation will be seen in Napoli…”


And it goes on like this, throughout the prophetic statements being transmitted through Mr. Regis from the Blessed Mother, each message claiming urgency in Humanity’s repentance and turn to the Catholic God (as the Blessed Virgin does not speak with Protestants)before the imminent Apocalypse.

Now, here’s the part that kind of started blowing my mind…

These named places that are among the locations that Mary claimed would be suffering due to whatever tribulation that Man has coming for him are also a lot of the places where these creepy “Trumpet Sound” videos seem to be coming from.

On 2/27/2010 the Holy Mother stated:

“… Death will pass through Spain. Costa Rica will live moments of anguish. A sleeping giant will bring suffering and death to Africa…”

On 4/10/2011 she made this claim:

“… Pray, pray, pray. Vancouver will carry a heavy cross and those who in Porto Santo will shout for help. Now are difficult times for humanity…”

And again on 11/06/2010:

“…The cross will be heavy for the people of the Ukraine. The pain will be great for My poor children…”

These are all places where the reports of these sounds (be they electromagnetic sounds made by our beleaguered planet or the true Trumpets of the Lord) have been happening since last spring (they apparently died down during the winter months).


Now of course, it could all just be one big coincidence…

If you read the ramblings of Pedro Regis (because until we do meet the Blessed Mother and she does confirm that she was in fact speaking through this Brazilian man he is no different than the crazy homeless man who tells me the prophet Muhammad told him to smoke hashish, hence why he needs me to give him a few dollars any and every time I pull up to the light he begs at…) eventually he does bring up damn near every nation state worth noting in our current world.

But then again…

This could be the end times…

Guess we will just have to wait and see…


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