Majority of Americans favor freein' the weed...

legalize-itA recently released poll by Rasmussen proves what so many Americans have known for quite some time now…

The majority of us really don’t see the harm in an adult smoking a little herb in the comfort of his own home.

A poll taken over the opinions of 1000 Americans concerning the war on drugs has found that-for the first time since it’s outlawing- a vast majority of the American people favor the legalization, taxation, and regulation same as alcohol and tobacco of marijuana.

According to the poll, 56% of the populous harbor this pot friendly view, with an all-time low 36% out and out rejecting the loosening of marijuana laws (another victory in the Free the Weed tent, as more and more Americans see the failure of the current American War on Drugs).

Marijuana-Not-CrackAnd the good news for the pro-drug crowd doesn’t end there. The poll also found that 52% of Americans favor the states’ claims that they have the right to circumvent Federal law in regards to medicinal marijuana (and legalization should Washington and Colorado have their way) as well as a somewhat stunning 47% of Americans favor the out and out legalization of marijuana and cocaine as a means to curb the ever escalating violence along the US/Mexican border.

Polls, Shmolls… Make with the Action!!!


The vast majority of Americans see it our way! Finally I can sit in the comfort of my own home and smoke some fine green without worry that the long arm of the law is going to kick in the front door because my methods of unwinding isn’t as culturally acceptable as getting just as stewed (if not more so) 12 ounces at a time.

Oh wait, no I can’t because agreement doesn’t change shit in this country.


Just ask the gays.

The goddamned President of the United States came out and proclaimed his agreement in their cause (which- again- the vast majority of Americans feel should be allowed (if for no other reason than there are bigger and more important things far more likely to destroy the mmj hippie patch sized-thumb-400x395American way of living than two guys being able to say “I do”) and yet still, no gays getting married out there.

And that’s the President… the guy whose agreement with a certain measure usually carries enough clout to get such balls rolling.

All marijuana has is 56% of the public… a scared, lazy, and quick to falter 56% to boot.

Personally, I don't want to see any more polls saying such and such many Americans favor marijuana legalization. Not because I don't care anymore (because I do) nor is it because I don't believe that there has been a shift in the American culture (because there has).
I don't want to see them anymore because they just don't translate to victories in the government chambers. 
It doesn’t curry victories in the chambers of power because I don't think the support is real

Sure, there are throngs of folks who support it. At least 56%. But when the time comes to cast the votes, for whatever reason, the support erodes to nothing.

Just like with the gays.

If you looked at polling data anywhere it would not be too far out of the thought process to assume that Americans are head over heels in love with the Gays.  
Gay rights poll high. Gay marriage polls high. Yet put it to a vote among the American people are down in flames they go. 
Every time...
Even in the liberal citadel of California (where marijuana decriminalization also suffered a sound defeat in 2010) the rights for the Gays to marry just couldn’t get it done despite their supposed through the roof public support.
Marijuana_Leaf_v2_REQUEST_by_Holly6669666And the same trend has been there for marijuana.

It’s not that I think marijuana will not ever be legalized. It will be. Soon.
And not soon “in my lifetime"... soon like in the next 5 years, for no other reason that more and more of our parents' parents are dying off.  You know, the people that felt marijuana did nothing but make red blooded boys turn commie and white girls willingly neglect their Christian virtue to the swarthy advances of the spics and spades.

I’m just not going to keep throwing a parade every time some polling company freaks out because lots of people think pots ok.

My dealer’s wife being OK with pot is really the only person whose approval I am losing sleep over.


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