DEA Chief can't seem to talk about marijuana...

bad_dayWhile we tend to disagree most of the time, I spent most of the weekend feeling really bad for the DEA.

It really was a rough week for the beleaguered agency tasked with the difficult job of law enforcement busy work; the figurative cramming their fingers into the dikes holding back societal ruination via vice.

It started the week being told by a Federal judge told the trigger happy agents tasked with keeping the streets free of drugs (stop snickering guys, they really do try…)that they are not permitted to hold cocked pistols to the heads of dangerous, threatening eleven year old boys (oh, also unarmed… I forgot unarmed…).

chairwomanThat bled into the following day, with the DEA patting themselves on the back for convincing Congress to add 26 more substances to the Controlled Substance list (thus rendering their sale and use as a crime). These 26 items were mainly various forms of herbal blends said to be mixed with a synthetic cannabis chemical.

[ed. Note: it needs to be added that these items would not at all be created if not for the market the continued prohibition of Marijuana is creating. But I digress…]

But all of those things pale in comparison to the awkwardness that is DEA’s Chief Administrator totally botching an appearance before Congress.

Tongue tied; Knots as Big as Boulders…


During an Oversight Hearing over the Agency’s priorities, the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Chief Administrator Michele Leonhart kept managing to find her foot lodged firmly in her mouth.

The most glaring of the two instances (both in the same clip) – and perhaps the most damning- is the opening of her exchange with Colorado Representative Jared Polis (D), in which Leonhart takes a beating while trying (poorly, I might add) to defend the Agency’s misguided stance and policy towards marijuana:

Wow… You have to feel bad for her… She really did have her hands tied on that one… The impossible job of having to apply sanity to the insane prohibition of marijuana.

But after she fumbles that football, she is then asked about medicinal marijuana as a tool against pain killer addiction (in the previous video, begins at roughly the 4:00 mark).

But it didn’t stop there…


She then found herself again unable to find the words when asked about medicinal marijuana again, this time by Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen (D) (fireworks begin at the 4:05 mark, though the whole clip is just another indictment of the madness of this Nation’s marijuana policy…):

“Between the patient and his doctor…”

This should really leave you wondering what’s keeping all this madness churning…

weed[We should note, as it is with gambling and drinking  in the states where it is allowed, we must remember addicts can easily find help in Colorado]

We can all see that the Chief Administrator of the group that has no other job than to end the drug business can’t seem to defend her own harebrained policies (namely the ones where they kick in the doors of legally operating dispensaries in California and Colorado)…



We can see her discomfort… her lack of energy in the battle. How she sits there, grasping at word noises; her eyes bugging out of her skull, dumbfounded by the notion that her Agency might be wasting their time, efforts, and money in trying to end marijuana use.

Too bad it won’t count for nothing…

As Madam Leonhart did manage to mumble out accurately, marijuana is still a Scheduled I illegal drug and it will not be changing any time in the near future.

And, despite the campaign promises he made about respecting state’s rights, Obama actually ended up worst that President Bush on this matter.

But be patient my friends, times they are a-changin’…

The immorality of the prohibition movement is becoming harder and harder to hide and in time (short order, I’d go so far as to say) a change will occur in regards to marijuana.

Too many people see the naked emperor to try and keep propping up this corrupt policy…




addicts can easily find help in Colorado


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