Somali pirates surrender to the French???


Viva la France!!!There are few times when as a writer you get the chance to put words together that have never ever gone together before.  Usually such an honor is bestowed only to the idiots and retards out there who make up their own words.  But to be able to do so with words that actually exist... a rare honor.  Ready?  Here goes... drum roll, if you please...

Someone has actually surrendered to the French.

I know.  Takes your breath away, doesn't it?  Like Christmas and finding out that the first girl to ever break your heart went on to get knocked up by some deadbeat and now has to shake her cans at the seedy "anything goes" strip club out by the airport to support her baby daddy's meth habit along with their bastard seed.  somali_piratesBut apparently someone actually did surrender to the French.  And that somebody is the fearsome bunch known as the Somali pirates.

That kind of puts a slight tarnish over that hero's welcome we gave Cap'n Phillips in a different perspective, don't it.  Of course the guy is still a hero... an AK being held to your back is still an AK being held to your back, even in the hands of cowards.  And before you start whining out there, any group which would allow surrender into French hands would be the text book definition of a coward. 

Apparently, the French have been out hunting pirates all month, and this has been their third such success in the waters just off of Somalia (the new home of piracy in the world... take that ISOhunt...).  Today's seize was of eleven pirates, two go fast boats, and an apparent mother ship (loaded to the gills with RPGs and other stockpiles of ammo).

We Surrender!!!!For the pirates, this move cannot be a good one.  A string of surrenders to a country that has not won a modern war is a pretty bad thing (or at the very least could not be looked upon a step in the right direction).  To be truthful, it is not even capable of being a moral victory (despite the technological and monetary advantages the French navy has on their side).  For the French, while letting them puff their hairy oiled chests out for a few days, really does not change much.  Surrendering in ever major war they have gotten themselves into since Napoleon (who didn't surrender, but did lose a lot) leaves a pretty bad reputation to try and recoup.


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