Obama blows off Security Meetings...

132330847317-obama_laugh-600x350Last week, during the President’s “Let’s all ignore the past four years and focus on what really matters here” pep rally last week, we heard speech after speech of people touting Fuhrer Obama’s steely eyed focus on foreign policy as a major reason for re-electing him.

But a new study reveals that Obama might not be as on the ball on foreign policy as he likes for us to think he is…

According to a study by the Government Accountability Institute, President Obama skips an awful lot of his daily intelligence briefings, making a paltry 38% of them in the past two years.

The percentages were reached by the admittedly Conservative group by taking a close look at the President’s daily schedules (the study went from the day of his Inauguration until mid-June 2012), and their findings were eye opening.

In his first two years of “service”, the study found that President Obama attended 536 of his possible (and scheduled) 1225 Presidential Daily ObamaUpViewBriefings- a staggering 43.8%. Their findings in 2011/12 were even more concerning, with the President making 38% of the meetings.

But don’t let the frequently blown off meetings concerning imminent threats to the United States and its allies make you feel as though President Obama is not taking his charge of keeping the American people safe from external enemies…

In an email with The Washington Post’s correspondent Marc Thiessen, the National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor stated “The president gets the information he needs from the intelligence community each day”, claiming that the President reads his Presidential Daily Briefings every morning.


While Vietor didn’t dispute the reports results, he did claim that he found them to be “… not particularly interesting or useful.”

Commander in Chief

Isn’t that great to hear???

President+Obama+Gives+Speech+National+Security+5dzxernSwI1lOur nation is in such peril we have to get fondled and frisked anytime we want to enter a government building or catch a flight, yet the threat is inconsequential enough to have meetings intended for the man we felt was responsible and focused enough to entrust with assessing such information is more often than not blowing off the meetings.

But he did kill bin Laden…

A national threat so frightening and blood curdling that the Government needs to secure even more control on our internet and more ability to see what we are saying to one another, yet 62% of the time there is something more important for Barry to spend his time looking into.

And he killed Gadhafi…

(Well, he didn’t actually kill Gadhafi pre say… but he did signal to the Libyan people that the world would be more than willing to see a Gadhafi free Libya…)


I don’t know about you guys, but I am sleeping soooo much easier now knowing that the fiery stare of Obama is focused on the enemies of the United States like the burning eye of Sauron.


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