White House close to seeking revenge in Libya...

latuff_obama_libya_warThe Obama Administration has announced that it has put Special forces on high alert and has a fleet of its Reaper drones lurking the skies above North Africa; poised to strike the second the Administration can connect those final dots between Al Qaeda and the terrorists behind the September 11th attacks on the Libyan Consulate, taking the lives of our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans.

But there is more to these strikes than just proving an Al Qaeda link…

The White House stresses that while the Administration is committed to bring the men behind the consulate attack to justice, it will be taking a long look at the effects such a move will have on the North African nations that would be affected by such a strike.

us-ambassador-to-libya-killed-in-rocket-attack-1347483482-6132The announcement by the Obama Administration is no doubt more about trying to pull itself out of its nosedive in the polls and heading off an ugly Congressional investigation during an Election over the allegation of an attempted cover-up of the incident than it does about getting justice for the murdered Americans and gaining some ‘street cred’ in an increasingly chaotic part of the world.

 “They are aiming for a small pop, a flash in the pan, so as to be able to say, 'Hey, we're doing something about it,'" said retired Air Force Lt. Col. Rudy Attalah, the former Africa counterterrorism director for the Department of Defense under President George W. Bush, to Fox News.

"It was a way to say, 'Look, we did something.”

He went on to note that in 1998, the Clinton administration lobbed a few cruise missiles into the Sudan to take out a pharmaceutical factory that may have been producing chemical weapons for Al Qaeda after the embassy bombing in Nairobi by the terror group.

Politics, shmolitics… Bring on the dancing women…



It’s impossible to separate the move from the President’s bid for re-election. The Libyan issue is really hamstringing the President; yet another albatross being hung around the one time Messiah of American politics in his midst of his failing campaign.

But, unlike the Economy and “Obamacare”, Libya is a shit storm they can do something about.

And bombing someone is just such a something.

Americans love nothing more than they do the vulgar display of power.

ap-obama-the-grong_001-4_3_r560And Reaper drones blowing up murderous brown people has always been a solid go to strategy for Presidents to try and divert our attention away from the man behind the curtain.

It’s just funny that it’s President Obama- Peace Prize recipient and proclaimer of the peaceful and non-violent new phase of American diplomacy that the hisascension to power was supposed to be ushering in- who is turning the guns of the American drones and of our most skilled assassins on these terrorists.

And it will work.  Drop a few bombs, shoot a few scumbags and this whole Libya mess goes away… for the most part…. While Obama’s attempt to lull the Middle East into peace by weakening Western influence and diminishing American support of Israel has not worked at all in bringing the peace and prosperity his Cairo speech of 2009 had predicted, it really isn’t his fault.

Nothing has really worked to make those fucking people happy…

Not making them rich by running our world on their bubbling crude (as opposed to the far cooler “steampunk” path our civilization could have gone down)…

Not by bombing the shit out of them…

These people weren’t even happy when they held half of Europe 500 years ago!

Just a sub-continent of miserable cunts getting into pissing matches with other miserable cunts over how they see the Man on the Cloud they chose to worship.

And to hang this latest snafu in that part of the world would be unfair.

But there is nothing unfair or incorrect about the American people demanding that it’s government not try and build its own narratives where the American First Amendment guaranteeing the Freedom of Speech in the United States and a video made by some crackpot and not the misguided foreign policy of the Obama Administration solely behind the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. 


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