Fallout from Swine Flu, 2009


Unlike kissing swine, eating swine is perfectly alright...Once again, while so many of you looked at me like some sort of sick-o as I screamed and yelled about how the whole world was making much ado about nothing in regards to the swine flu, I stuck to my guns and have found myself vindicated yet again.  How you may ask??  Because now, after a week of hype and hype and more hype, the lack of deaths is making all the freaking out about Swine Flu 2009 seem kind of over blown and silly.

In yet another sign that our culture is being overrun by weaklings and Nancies, a whole week has passed with the world at the mercy of the dreaded Swine Flu.  school_closingSchools closed, Churches stopped asking parishioners to offer each other signs of peace, and cities full of people were seen on the late night news donning surgical masks as they went about their business.  But even with all the Federal predictions of deaths in the streets and the complete and total shut down of our society, one week later only 26 people have died due to the swine flu.  26... really... No offence to the families of the 26 Mexicans (25 Mexicans and one Mexican visiting the United States are the only reported deaths from Swine Flu in the whole world), but 26 deaths in a global population of some 6.7 billion people is really rather insignificant.  How's that for a pandemic?

Globally, 985 cases of Swine flu have been reported, with only Mexico reporting deaths stemming from the outbreak (which would say more about the pathetic state of Mexico's medical system than it would say about the potency of this strain of virus).  But if one was to only go by what the media was saying, one would be right to think that people were dropping dead all over the world from this shit.  And I was not the only one to notice that things were getting a little out of control.  Texas Republican representative Ron Paul told CNN ""There is too much hysteria in the country and so far, there hasn't been that great a danger.  It's overblown, grossly so.  I wish people would back off a little bit." 

Ron Paul, a right thinging American.And Ron Paul is right.  Never mind the whole Chicken Little, "Sky is falling" analogy, hordes of people are rushing to doctor's offices and emergency rooms.  Coughing, wheezing, and showing all the signs of overexposure to massive levels of media hysteria proliferation- these hypochondriacs are wasting the time of medical personal who would be better utilized actually trying to treat people with real things wrong with them... not a case of imaginary flu (which even if it were real, would be no worse than the typical flu millions of Americans suffer from every year).  And what if for whatever reason, the media started to report that there was not enough Swine Flu vaccine?  Would the streets burn because Matt Lauer needs something bloody to do that first segment on the Today Show?  Of course, I am no better that the rest of the media, what with Swine Flu being the lead story on The Weekly Constitutional for the past week as well.  But I spent my time telling you not to worry about the swine flu... not how it was going to felt us all.

The Mosquito delivered viruses are ignored by Western Media because African deaths don't matter.In the end, Swine Flu was a mutation of a typical nonsense.  But it was not the flu virus that it stemmed from.  It was born of the Media hype machine, strengthened in the incubator that is the 24 hour news channels, and finally spread throughout our culture by dying print papers struggling to keep things going from day to day.  The concern was never disease or the safety of citizens.  It was ratings and revenue, and the media never letting a good crisis go to waste.  Don't believe me?  26 people die from Swine Flu and the media has us burning bacon and pork chops in bonfires to make sure we don't die from the flu, yet when thousands of Africans die from malaria not a peep is heard (except for those black and white commercials where the old guy tells you about how for a dollar a day you can buy a whole village mosquito netting).


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