Proof America is becoming a Police State!!!!

pigAnd they were worried about a Bacon shortage…

Every tin foil donning asshole with a bone to pick with the Government has at some point or another pointed a shaking finger at you and- with all the passion in his voice that only a charge issued  by the Almighty himself could muster- has proclaimed the United States to be  a Police State.

And for once, those paranoid pricks might have been right…

A study produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics is reporting that the growth of Law enforcement agencies exceeded the grown of the American population as a whole.

police_state_usaUsing the numbers provided by local law enforcement agency census information supplied to the government in 2008, the group showed that from 1992-2008 Law Enforcement Agencies experienced a growth rate of 1.6%, while the American Population as a whole only grew at an average of 1.2% of the year.

 I know what you are thinking…

But of course they are hiring so many police… our population has gone bat shit insane over these past few decades… We need the Blue Wall to protect us from the tyranny of wicked men…

But what if that tyranny has already been ended…



Who Watches the Watchers???

It would warrant such a growth in police if in fact we were living in a truly chaotic time…


Sadly, we are not. In fact, from a crime standpoint, there has never been a better time to be a human being on the planet earth.

police_brutality_3According to the most recent FBI statistics (calendar year 2011), Murder, Rape, and Robbery have all gone down in the United States for the fifth consecutive year. Compared to figures in 2010, violent crime was down 3.8% in 2011 and property crimes another .5%.

As of a report made by CNN on October 29th, the Justice Department is claiming that crime levels in America were at an all time low for calendar year 2011.

I can hear you groaning on the other side of the screen…

Saying to me, "Thom, I see where you are going with this but perhaps you need to take a step back and really look at things from outside your anti-cop position to see the good that has been down."

There is no denying that the number of police is no doubt directly linked to the reduction in the major crimes in this country. But there has also been a dramatic rise in the revenue that all these flat foots walking their beats out there are generating.

While violent crimes are down, ticketable offences are up… bringing billions into the municipal coffers.

Not to mention the other billions local law enforcement have received from the Federal Government (both under Bush and Obama) in order for the to do their part on the front lines of, both, the [endless] Wars on Drugs and Terrorism.

And that's not even going into that whole "militarized police is a keystone to the Globalist Agenda to eventually clamp down on this nation (always for the greater good) and it's freedoms (most likely after some warranted event- perhaps a civil unrest or mass natural destruction event), thus turning us into  a police state." (which when you consider the while machine guns being standard issue anywhere to any cop, drones from sea to shining sea, and cameras (both the nosy and ticketing kind) are hanging out on as many corners as we allow them to grace with their presence) angle to this whole story.


But what do I know… Paranoid cop hating pothead, remember???


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