We're Number 12! We're Number 12!

broken-americaI think in light of recent National tragedies, and the predictable post tragedy knee jerk to the same tired debates because both sides are too full of shit to see that they both need to do some soul searching, I think we need to take a second to breath and revel in a little of that Patriotic goo that binds us all together.

Ready???Now say it with me….

We’re number 12! We’re number 12!

The Legatum Institute, a London based Economic Think Tank, conducted a four year survey of the World’s economies and what they found out about the American Economic Well Being is not going to sit well with anyone.

Out of the 142 countries surveyed by the group, the United States of America came in at a heart crushing 12thplace in the index, following such global economic heavyweights as Norway, Sweden, Canada, and Ireland.  The Index determined that the United States had fallen out of the Top Ten not because of any slips made by the Super Power in the areas of education, health, safety, or personal freedom over the past four years or so but because of deep and steady declines in the arena of Entrepreneurship and Economic Opportunity. The report goes on to cite that the American decline is “… driven by a decline in the number of US citizens who believe that hard work will get them ahead…” as well as a dramatic drop off in ICT exports (Information and Communication Technologies).


Of course there are a multitude of reasons for this decline, and as much as I would love to blame President Obama for each and every one of them.. God damn it, I really just can’t.

drainGo ahead and lay at his feet the air of unfriendliness our nation has reeked of recently in regards to small business, the punitive taxes on the successful, and even a nice helping of the keep your head down if you feel like making a little money for yourself… But he didn’t create the attitude that there is no benefit to working hard.

Slimy corporate structures that benefit the smarmy and connected more than the industrious and hard working.

Twisted rules that somehow seem to always favor the massive corporate structure and not the individual.

A bastardization of the American Dream where working hard to get a little piece for yourself has been replaced by Getting Paid Quick By Any Means Necessary, allowing for the phrase “jobs Americans just won’t do” to exists in a time where double digit unemployment is being sold to Americans as “the new normal”.

Generation after Generation being told that they are the best and brightest the world has ever produced to the point that we not only number-12believed it but felt it came without work.

These are the things that killed a work ethic and created generation after generation of slack jawed entitled fools demanding props for victories their grandparents won as they pay for their largesse on the backs of their children and grandchildren.

Needless to say, there’s no chance that this nosedive is ever corrected…

The fat dumb under informed American will no doubt high five that they are still higher than those “cock sucking Russians”, shotgun a few brewdogs and go to bed happy that they are taxing the rich into less rich, strangling the free market, and crushing the wills of those who otherwise would have been willing to risk blood, sweat, and precious treasure to make a better life for them and their family.

But hey… It was in the name of “fairness”. It counts for something, right??? 


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