Obama talks tough on guns...

Obama-tough-talkYou have to hand it to the American people… We are nothing if not predictable.

Just over a month following the heartbreaking murders in Newton, Conn President Obama- flanked by Vice President Biden and a fleet of kid shaped props (or kids, if you want to be a stickler for facts)- stood before the American people and decreed that American needs to do something about gun violence.

Not ghetto gang banger violence, or gun crime or anything like that… a brief looksee at the FBI’s website would give you the happy news of a 20 year steady drop in both violent crime and gun crimes.

No, the gun violence that Barry O. and his legion of kid acolytes were out promoting today is the kind of random, rare (though sadly becoming more often) occurrences where some wing nut goes and shoots up a school, mall, post office, army barracks, ect, ect, ect with a rifle, shotgun, hand gun…

In short, the shit that whitey does.


It is the contention of President Obama (and that of Biden) that these random “white people shooting up the joint” bullshit has to stop- the killings in Newton being the final straw- and that with the efforts of Congress (and a few Executive Orders to spice up the mix), an end will be brought to the era of children sweating their balls off in math class will be again doing so because of their inability to add and not for the shooter roaming the halls.

Of course, any thought applied to the issue (outside of an illogical and emotional desire to pat our collective selves on the back for having done such good) would obama_guns_rtr_imgbear his prescriptions for the problem to be the same flawed, empty relics to the politics of our past that plague our current political climate; divisive, unproductive examples of the “Symbolism over Substance” pattern that has brought us to where we are in all things this inept Government has brought forth.

But, the only thing America loves more than the quickest, easiest solution to the problem available is that initial knee jerking high that drives us to that said solution.

So, instead of having a long and serious discussion concerning all the various elements in this mess, we will have another gun ban.

Seems effective, right?

President Clinton got one in 1994 that outlawed all those scary military looking rifles, extended clips, armor piercing bullets. And it worked…

Right up until that somber April morning when the gun and bullet ban did nothing to save those poor bastards who died at the hands of those Matrix worshipping douches in Columbine (which happened in 1999, 5 whole years into the ban which was supposed to put an end to these random mass casualty shootings) using the very weapons outlawed by the Bill.

There must be a solution…


Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle with the guns.

There are 330someodd million guns in the United States held by private citizens…

Roughly enough for each and every American to have a piece of their very own.

And it is a pretty fair bet that any serious Federal (or international, if you buy into the whole United Nations pursuing a complete civilian disarmament via Agenda 21) attempt to seize these weapons would no doubt end in a futile bloody conflict, leaving countless dead, the Republic in shambles, and the dream that once was America utterly and completely fucked.

Obama_Hates___America_by_ConservatoonsSo the idea that some order issued via Presidential fiat is going to somehow make all these nightmares come to an end is simply madness.

(Besides, at some point we- as a society- are going to have to just acknowledge the utter and complete failure of the prohibition system as a way to curb aberrant behavior. It hasn’t worked with drugs, child sex, slavery, prostitution, gambling, alcohol, and abortion… it certainly not going to work in this case.)

No, the solution is going to have to be something more thought out than simply pretending that AR-15s don’t exist and hoping that the issue just goes away. It is going to require serious soul searching and honest examinations of our culture…

Are our video games and movies too violent?

Is the 24 hour news cycle cultivating its own product- including creating its very own monsters?

Could the idea of “Better Living through Chemistry” be creating legions of mentally decimated, chemically altered madmen with little to no control of their emotions or impulses?

Perhaps these might be better places to start trying to solve this issue, instead of treading the same old worn trails of futility that we have tried before… empty pointless exercises in making ourselves feel good with little more than the emotional warmth of feeling accomplished to show for it. 


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