GOP just figured out Obama hates them...

snoopyAnyone to the Right of Center should be ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief today because for the first time since being elected Speaker of the House and Head of the House Republicans, John Boehner has finally figured out something that the rest of his party has wanted to scream into his ears for two impotent years…

President Barrack Obama is not his friend.

During a speech given to House Republicans at the Ripon Society Tuesday, Speaker Boehner claimed that upon digesting the words of President Obama’s inaugural address, it has become clear to him that President Obama is out to “annihilate the GOP”.

jboehner2013a(Of course it took a speech that was flat, lackluster, and sounded like every other long winded go nowhere speech the President has crapped out upon the American people’s ears for the past four years for Boehner to figure this out… not the Healthcare goon arming… not the fact that the man has gone out of his way to test his Constitutional limits [and moreover, the willingness of the neutered Republican party to call him on it])… Not the three prior State of the Union speeches, two campaign stump speeches, and every other word he has ever uttered to a reporter, camera, or off a teleprompter… That speech. Of course it did… Stupid, pissy eyed motherfucker… But I digress…)

In his speech, Boehner stated:

"… Given what we heard yesterday about the president's vision for his second term, it's pretty clear to me -- should be clear to all of you -- that he knows he can't do any of that as long as the House is controlled by Republicans… So we're expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party..."


I don’t know about you, but I got chills…

The Lamentation of the women…


I am not sure who has gone further in their quest to destroy the Republican Party… Obama and his minion of media and useful idiots or the Republicans themselves and their seemingly deliberate efforts to chop themselves off at the knees policies”???

obama-inauguration-wave-apHave these fools ever sat back and thought about why they have found themselves in the position they are in?

Broken backed, laying on some dank board in a lightless pit, forced to watch their country be destroyed by the reckless polices of Lord Obama as he sprints with breakneck speed in his efforts to relegate the United States into the scrap heap of history?

And their plan? Their great, great plan to dig themselves out of the pits and mire????

More of the same.

Yip at Obama’s heels, claim to have “better ideas”, and offer what can only be seen as a smaller but still the same plan that Obama has offered.

He demanded a tax hike on $250k, they settled on $400k.

He wants the debt limit raised… They already told him they would do it.

Point out that Obama has a spending problem… and then remember that this out of control spending spree happened when their doofus was running things and expanding the Federal Government as fast as Obama cold ever dream to (and without a doubt began these out in the open assaults on the freedoms of the American people in the interest of “security”), thus shitting all over their already stretched thin credibility.

Do these cunts on the Right side of the Aisle not stand for anything?

Oh wait... Guns.

 Guns they will stand behind to the fucking death (which I am not complaining about, by the way…).

And is it because they give one righteous shit about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights???


Not a chance… these pricks are more concerned about the checks the NRA strokes them than they are about the Second Amendment rights of the American people. No politician likes that a free citizenry is armed… it keeps them honest.

But everything else??? Debt ceilings, tax rates, spending issues, glaring governmental malfeasance, vulgar abuses of power, outright corruption…

That stuff they could give a shit about (or worse still, would hate to ruin the revenue streams and power grabs because they will eventually end up running things and would hate to not be able to wield all that glorious power…).

Expand the Drug War and go after Video games (the only American industry that is setting the world on fire currently, I might add) to end gun violence… do some convoluted deal where you give the President whatever debt ceiling it is that he wants and then try and goon arm the Senate into coming up with a budget (something they haven’t done in five or so years…)… These are the ideas the Republicans are bringing to the table to try and sell the American people on a vision of their tomorrow.

At least Obama is telling us his dogshit smells like flowers. 


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