Disney the latest front on War on Christmas!!!

mickey-clausThere  is a new front on the War on Christmas… The happiest place pin Earth!!!!

Reports have been cracking around the Right Wing side of the internet (you know.... That dark corner the NSA is convinced terrorists are hiding in) that Disney has decided to pare down the overtly Christian message of its annual "Candlelight Processional" show. 

The show typically contains an essay entitled "One Solitary Life",  written in 1926 by Dr. James Allan Francis, which details the life, death, and historical impact of Jesus Christ  (it has featured this essay since the show started being preformed in 1976).  The essay usually cumulates with the words: 


“… Nineteen centuries have come and gone, And today Jesus is the central figure of the human race, And the leader of mankind’s progress, All the armies that have ever marched, All the navies that have ever sailed, All the parliaments that have ever sat, All the kings that ever reigned put together, Have not affected the life of mankind on earth, As powerfully as that one solitary life…”


But this year- brought about by Disney's need to shave time off the show preformed in Disneyland and Epcot-  the paragraph (which proclaimed Christ and his actions to be central figure of the Human Race) has been edited down to this:


“Heavenly peace… It is a gift bestowed upon us all during this special time of year. Tonight, people around the world mark this joyful season with heartfelt sentiment. As we each treasure our unique holiday traditions of family, faith, and culture, let us join together in celebrating the birth of the blessed babe in a manger, and rejoice in the universal message of peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Joy to the World!”



Disney claims the 78 word change (in comparison to the former essay's epic 221 word count) and the additional removal of the Holiday standard "Do You Hear What I Hear" will allow their performers to rest and prepare for the next show (the extravaganza is pulled off three times nightly in Epcot. In Disneyland, the show has a limited 2 day run). 

Disney claims that this isn't just another front of the Right's paranoid freak out over the Progressive Left's "War on Christmas", citing that the show still features Biblical passages from Luke, Matthew, and Isaiah- all of which proclaim the Divine birth of the Christian messiah- and that show was edited purely in the interest of preserving the quite of the public performance which the company claims dates back to Walt Disney himself, telling TheBlaze that the show has been a guest favorite around the Holidays since 1958. 


Happy Xmas (War is Over)


santa-clausChristians are upset about the secular seizing of Christmas... And in my opinion, it serves them right. 

For the longest time, the Christians ignored this prevailing wind; more than happy to allow the increasingly secular image of Santa and his elf packed sweatshop as the bait to herald the birth of their Messiah to the agnostic masses. But it seems like the sales pitch they so long held has backfired... their Holiday having been totally co-opted by secularists turning it into a pricey consumer driven frenzy- beginning with the post Thanksgiving Black Friday violence and ending in the orgasmic opening of brightly wrapped gifts brought by the Jolly Old Elf himself.

They watched as the images of their Holy Family- long the symbol of this blessed Season- has been diminished in our culture by the more entertaining Christmas hating Grinch, impishly grinning shelf elves, and stop motion cartoons featuring flying mutant reindeer,  an outlaw German toymaker, a magic dancing Snowman, and every other pop culture character donning the traditional red stocking cap- each furthering the focus on presents and time with  family over the birth of the Messiah. 

And now... After letting this happen for the entirety of my life at the very least... It has finally gone "too far". 

nativity And it's all their fault. 

Now they want to take it back; resisting (rightfully so, I might add... At least in this one case) the pull of political correctness to say "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas". They cry injustice and demand nativity scenes have a place in Government Holiday Decorations (a direct violation of Church need State separation, as the Governments are not permitted to favor one religion over another in our Blessed Republic). They scream about wanting to put a greater emphasis on Christ during the Christmas season but, sadly for them, they can't seem to do it. Turns out Christmas doesn't belong to them anymore. 

It's a lesson in why we should hold certain things precious... Why we should not allow the twisted hands of commerce and secularism to infect our precious Holy Days... No matter the temptations of popularity and acceptance.

grinchTo get pissy because Disney- a private company which sells it's brand of wholesomeness to the entire world, not just the Christ loving parts-  has decided to tone down the historical influence of the Messiah during a Holiday themed show-  seems insane.

It's not Disney's job to sell Jesus. It's their job to sell a singing and dancing Mouse. It's the job of the Christians to sell Christ. I'm sorry that they have found their message falling more and more on deaf ears, but maybe it is a sign that they need to take a long look at that message (or at very least the messengers heralding his life and lessons) and seeing why it is no longer resonating with the American people... Not the next egregious slight in a cockamamie perceived Cold War on a Holy Day that it seems like they lost hold of long ago. 

If they want to still hold Jesus as the "Reason for the Season", then perhaps they should leave that to their own homes and lives; using their own influence and resources to proclaim the Good News of their faith- something they would have direct control over the message being conveyed- rather than pinning their hopes on Corporations to spread their Gospel as part of some thirty day (give or take) end of the year cash grab. 


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