Russian predicts China to defeat America...

us-china-fightApparently, the Russians have looked into their crystal ball and have seen the defeat of America in the very near future...

Six years to be exact. 

In an editorial for The Voice of Russia, Vassily Kashin, a Russian expert in matters of war and the sort, has seen the victory of Beijing over America in the Cold War of the East Pacific. 

"It’s highly probable that China, after the completion of the current cycle of reforming and rearming its armed forces through 2020, will be capable of defeating US forces and its allies in the course of some local conflict in the east part of the Pacific Ocean," Writes Comrade Kashin, adding that "... China will be able to launch a massive highly accurate non-nuclear strike against US facilities used by transportation and military infrastructure in the china-propregion by reducing abruptly the speed of building up American forces."

That, he feels, coupled with the weak allies America boasts in the region (Japan and South Korea) and the lack of stomach in European allies in following the United States into another foreign theaters in search of dragons to slay will all but force the Americans to accept defeat before entangling themselves in yet another costly (and ultimately unwinable) war in the name of maintaining it's empire.

In the lengthy article, Kashin gives reason for his mad predictions: a Chinese spy boat popping up off Hawaii here, a build up of the Chinese navy there... An overtly aggressive shift in both their National Securities and in their dealings with the Americans. But more telling to these horrors come true would be a recent editorial in a Chinese paper that seems to ring the same bell; China's President Xi rattling the sabers of the People's. Liberation Army for American aggression as of late in the Asian Pacific. Not to mention that this "report" comes on the heels the news that Chinese plans to turn the moon into a nuclear missile flinging "Death Star", complete with a logo featuring Europe being blowed up by the tell tale mushroom cloud. 


Of course, this could be just the saber rattling of despots- the social media equivalent of the old Russian custom of parading their big missiles in from of the Kremlin in order to make sure everyone knew they had one. There has always been some Russian thinker claiming the Chinese are just a few years away from blowing up the United States (or vice versa).

But- and this is where this particular prediction becomes so frighteningly plausible- those were predictions shouted in a world governed by a strong and steel spined America. Not this broken shell of what we once we once were...

It's easy to fall to the spell of "'Murica"... The desire to scream "we're number one!" as we high five drunkenly while fighters give the clichéd "fly over" of a Sunday Football game. 


But are we really that? 


Can we honestly say we are still the un-fuck-with-able United States? 

Sure, for the time being our military is the mightiest monster ever to be unleashed on any given population... But will it be forever? More importantly, can we really rely on the generations of children we have produced, typically residing in the twenties of international rankings of Science, Mathematic, and Technological education (but number fucking one with a bullet when it comes to self esteem)??? 

You know... The kids we gave a trophy to no matter what they accomplished that spends more time ruining sex for themselves with countless hours of online porn instead of studying? 


History has been full of those... Mighty Collossuses that straddled the world, claiming dominion over all they saw. And  history's scrap heap is left with the crumbled remains over those whose hubris was so great that they didn't see the next guy coming. 

Are we seeing the next guy coming in China... The great yellow dragon raising his head mightily to consume all he feels he should? Or is this another mere pretender? Another great Russian bear setting itself up for a self destructive dance at the expense of a currently somewhat peaceful world? 

Unfortunately only these very interesting times will tell... (Though, should you be the practical sort, learning Mandarin might not be the worst idea ever... I don't see us win in World War III with the current crop of entitled pajama boys this country seems desirous in popping out these days...)  


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