Was Sandy Hook a "Staged Event"????

conspiracy_20theory_20rockIt's been a while since this website dove face first into a good conspiracy theory, our mind diverted by the siren song of fiction (Cletus T. Broshus: Monster Hunter, available in iBook April 1). If was a much needed break to be sure, and a whole lot safer than poking the Obama bear (as he has grown comfortable flouting his power as of late). 

But today, while pumping breaks during afternoon stop 'n go, I happened upon a theory concerning our Nation's most recent heart wrenching tragedy that I just had to pass along. 

Now, admittedly (and knowing full well I am doing this theory no favors by burning the lead, so to speak) I am aware that this is almost totally insane. 

Nearly mindless.

But I won't deny that while I scoffed at those things I read and heard at the time, I'll be damned if it didn't plant a seed in my brain that has been growing in there ever since.  

So here goes:


Sandy Hook was a staged event, planned by a secret cabal buried within the government for two/ two and a half years in order to strike fear into Americans. 


That's a hell of a steak, isn't it... One nut encrusted piece of prime fucking rib. 

Now here's the sizzle that sells it...

lanzaWe all know the story of what happened on December 14, 2012. How Adam Lanza- a twenty year old  man suffering from Aspergers living three states away- ruthlessly murdered 20 children and 6 adults in Sandy Hook Elementary in the town of Newtown, Connecticut.

The country stopped in the wake of the wanton death; our collective hearts breaking for the victims of the heinous act (most of them kindergarten age children). It was horrific. 


And according to Wolfgang Halbig, it was also fake. 


I can see your eyes rolling, but give it some time.


Wolfgang_HalbigWolfgang isn't just some tin foil hat wearing nut dying to blame the the current Administration for any little thing his paranoid mind can dream up. He is an expert is school security, his resume peppered with the various sorts of expertise that would give him the unique perspective he brings into his investigation; working as a Florida State Trooper, a. US Customs agent, a teacher, a principle (both assistant and full ranked), as well as having trained some 4000 school districts and some 3500 school safety officers in his school security company.

For the past ten months or so, he has been investigating Sandy Hook (his job as well as his own natural curiosity driving him to do so) . And after those long months of painstaking (and life threatening, if we are to believe his further claims), he came to a stunning conclusion, which he shared with the American Free Press podcast:

"I suspect, in my professional opinion as a consultant and doing this a long, long time, I think it's a scripted event that took place. I think it was in the planning for maybe two, two and a half years..." 

And he has his reasons for saying so. 

Now, I strongly suggest you check out the entire interview (it can get a little tedious, but Me, Halbig does make his case), but for the benefit of time, here is a concise list of his various unanswered question:


- Law enforcement parked 1/4 mile away upon arrival. Why didn’t they rush to a heart-wrenching emergency if it really occurred?

- No trauma helicopters were ordered. This is unheard of for an actual emergency.

- No paramedics were allowed in the school, which according to. Halbig is also unheard of.

victems-Officials refuse to say who declared all 26 people dead. By law, this must come from a doctor. This refusal of so much basic information indicates lies and cover-ups.

- Official narrative claims emergency personnel didn’t find the school secretary and nurse after 4 hours of searching.

- This “event” included a traffic sign lit with the message, “everyone must sign in.” Officials refuse any comment on this element that would be present for a staged event/drill.

- Porta Potties were on site; again with no comment by officials and consistent with holding a staged event.

- No names were listed for the 26 children and chorus director at the 2013 Super Bowl event in honor of Sandy Hook. The children resemble the alleged shooting victims. It’s unimaginable to not list these names for such a huge deal.

- No lawsuits filed by parents for negligence against school district. This is unheard of.

- A shooter with Aspergers would have poor motor skills and muscle tone – how did he carry all the gear and shoot with such precision? This combination is impossible to imagine.

- 2 homicide investigators threatened Mr. Halbig for making inquiries consistent with his professional duties to learn about this event for future school safety.

- Newtown Public Schools won’t return any calls. Mr. Halbig says this non-cooperation to contribute information for other schools’ safety is unheard of.

- The FBI classified the report on Sandy Hook. This has never been done before, and indicates a cover-up of all the evidence that this was a staged event.

- Radio transmissions are consistent in tone and content for a drill, not an actual emergency.

multiple weapons reported at a limited crime scene were never found. This is not credible.

- Law enforcement sent a kindergarten girl from the hall to stay at the crime scene of room 8 to be alone with dead bodies. This is a ridiculous claim that demands investigation and answers.

no parents viewed the bodies of their children. This is also unheard of.

- No documents are being released via Freedom of Information Act requests. This is unheard of.

trauma services were never requested. This would never occur.

sh-demo- Tearing down the school is consistent with destruction of evidence, given the HUGE gaps between official accounts and the evidence.

- There’s zero evidence that a bio-hazard company was contacted to clean blood, bodily fluids, and officials refuse comment. This is impossible.

- Mr. Halbig’s inquiries of who installed the school security system has been met with silence. This is unheard of to not get this information to improve other schools.


If you are still having a hard time buying all of this (and you should, as it is pretty nutty stuff), take a few moments for yourself and watch Mr. Halbig' video presentation of these various missing pieces to his puzzle.



Loose Change


That's a lot going on in that theory.... Lots of moving parts. 


And it's in those moving parts (many of whom are conscious having  easily tempted humans) that I have the hardest time swallowing what's an otherwise perfectly set up supper of insanity. 

 evil-obamaIt isn't really much of a stretch for me (granted, I might be a little hyper paranoid) to believe that this Administration (much like the Clinton and Bush administrations before it) had no problem capitalizing on tragedy. Tears and suffering are the lifeblood of Washington, fear their new favorite selling point to get anything past the American people. And the idea that the same bunch of political hacks who dreamed up (and subsequently fucked up) the Fast and Furious guns for the cartels scheme as a way to have Americans let go their iron grip on the Second Amendment plotting to pretend a school got shot up to really twist the knife is plausible (this is what happens, by the way, when you get caught actually pulling Conspiracy Theory shit, like the IRS and Benghazi scandals).

And for the sake of this little mental exercise, let's just go along with it.   

Obama and Holder dream up this twisted idea to stage an event where kids were murdered the Friday before Christmas vacation. But to pull something sad-xmasthis elaborate off, they would need willing accomplices. Now, if it was a riot or protest, Barry could just pick up that phone of his we have heard so much about and issue marching orders for his rent-mobs; his legions of mind numbed Obamaites holding baited breathes for their Messiah to beacon for them. But the acolytes needed to pull off something like this can't just be the run of the mill types... They need to be Newtown, Connecticut law enforcement and EMS officials. And these guys- sworn to protect the citizens of Newtown- need to be willing to "go along" with the event. The whole operation would be depending on their scrutiny and discretion, never being able to risk even a rumor of this having gone down. 

The rest of this stuff Halbig asks about- the classifications, the unusual odds and ends on the  day of the incident and in the investigation following, the threats- I could swallow that. 

But it's this keeping of the mouths shut by the players that always blows these theories up for me... From JFK on through...

And this one is no different. 


Even if you take this to the next level beyond the sort of madness it would have taken to fake this... Go so far as to suppose this was actually carried out, though not by the patsy Lanza (who was so pudding brained, he could carry the gear, make the drive, nor fire off the shots with the speed and accuracy he is said to have done this in) but by professionals hired to do the job, thus keeping the local cops off the "Need to Know" list... Even then, you still have a small army of Federal Authorities that you are expecting to remain loyal in world where there is no ceiling to the sort of money a story this juicy could bring the whistleblower daring enough to bring down a President with his testimony.


The President signing off on the slaughter of children for political gain... Makes Nixon look like a piker!



And you don't need dozens to come pouring out to shine this light on the truth... You only need one to come forward. 


One guy. 


And it's in that man's absence, my doubts arise. 


But that's just me. Listen to the interview, ponder the questions, and let that brain of yours chew these things over for a few minutes. 


(And again, if you wonder why something as silly as this is gaining the modicum of traction that it is, feel free to thank Lord Barrack. His vindictive policies towards political opposition and unscrupulous activities and flagrant abuses of the NSA, EPA, and IRS agencies.)