Crisis in Ukraine!!!!!

crisis in ukraineUnless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you're aware of the Russians sending soldiers into the Ukraine just days after a coup destabilized the former satellite state, declaring war on the nationstate in the fragile days following the popular ousting of their pro-Russian leader.

This aggressive action, the latest in the "whose cock's bigger" game Obama and Putin seem to like playing against the other, was met by Barry O. predictably walking out before his fawning press, his forehead still bearing the imprint of Putin's cock head from the previous mushroom stamping he received the last time the two locked horns, shaking that long, skinny finger of his while he makes a flaccid, impotent remark on the matter.  

"... The United States will stand with the international community affirming there will be costs..."


PutinObama-1It was foolhardy for President Obama to take his foreign policy again to the media, hoping to stem the tide of plummeting poll numbers and increasing loud questions concerning his leadership (or lack there of). And on the surface it's an easy play, if you only look at the world through the prism of our Professional Politician class- a flabby version of pro wrestling where old men in pricy suits cut promos to the cheers of wearily donors and an uninformed populace. Just as in wrestling, nothing works a tired crowd into a pop like a patriotic angle. Get the rubes chanting "USA! USA!" as you throw punches at straw dogs while waving the flag.  

For the second time in as many years, President Obama has cut himself a promo to sell his strong foreignpolicy, which for some reason includes this horse's ass getting in front of any demonstration they can fix the label of "DEMOCRATIC" upon. He did it with the Arab Spring, claiming credit for the democratic revival in Egypt to only have it splatter in his face as Islamist extremists took power and proceeded to tormented those people for over a year with full American support and aide before being ousted by yet another uprising. He did it in Libya, ultimately seeing that explode in his grinning face as well; the horrid torture and death of the ambassador and four CIA operators which played out in television still plaguing the man to this day. The horrific hand of international poker the President played, chastising Syria for crossing a red line he had obama-confusedinvented as a campaign tool to make him seem strong (he ended up getting the old mushroom stamp from Putin across the forehead for that one; the bumbling John Kerry accidentally presenting an out to the mess which left Washington looking like a bit player in the world).

(On a side note, I know I have had my differences of opinion with President Obama during his tenure as President, but I'm starting to feel kind of bad for him. Not so much with his domestic failings, as his utopian visions unveils itself as a clunky, inoperable quagmire destined to bankrupt us into the economic Stone Age, but for his failures in foreign policy. The guy just can't seem to pick a winner to save his Presidency...)

This leads us to Ukraine. 

Ukraine is an odd spot. To the Russians, as well as many Ukrainians, it's as much a part of Russia as Moscow is; Kiev traditionally one of the jewels on the Russian crown. But this isn't an opinion universally held in the country, hence the protests of the previous weeks. Russian expert Stephan Cohen had this to say during his interview on Democrasy Now!on the matter:

"... We are watching history being made, but history of the worst kind. That’s what I’m telling my grandchildren... Ukraine is splitting apart down the middle, because Ukraine is not one country, contrary to what the American media, which speaks about the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Historically, ethnically, religiously, culturally, politically, economically, it’s two countries. One half wants to stay close to Russia; the other wants to go West. We now have reliable reports that the anti-government forces in the streets—and there are some very nasty people among them—are seizing weapons in western Ukrainian military bases. So we have clearly the possibility of a civil war..."

A civil war, it turns out, some of our more aggressive NGOs (Non Governmental Organizatins, read CIA) might have been behind, to some degree or another, these recent allegations brought to light following a leaked American communication in which it seems pretty clear in some way we were making moves in the destabilizing nation (it is believed the Russiands bugged the line and released the communication in the hopes of discrediting the Americans as a player in the conflict). Another destabilized country, and a new set of American fingerprints covering it.


For their part in the matter, the Russians are moving fast and quick. Stationing soldiers all over the Crimean region, seizing airports, sending gunships on patrols, and surrounding the Ukrainian military bases with personnel... The drums of war beat loudly as they storm into Ukraine with nary a shot fired. Putin, the full putinsupport of Russian parliament in his maneuvers, pays little heed to Obama's warning and chastisements; his plans undeterred by Washington's threats of nebulous action. It is obvious he has little respect for the American president as he positions himself to lead the world into an age of Gangster Diplomacy, while Obama gathers consensus from the rest of the world's "also rans", perfectly content to issue toothless condemnations in the hopes of winning pointless public relation battles. 

A perfect storm of disrespect and hubris swirls over this, a rudderless foreign policy crafted by a disinterested Executive too short sighted to see the peril his visionless meanderings … and the price for these missteps might be high.