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Uncle-Sam-PuppetMasterAvoid the entanglements of foreign adventure...

That was the warning of the Founding Fathers gave us when passing along advise to keep this democratic experiment thriving forever into the future. Yet here we are, straddling the world in the most poorly organized empire the history has ever beheld, spending countless billions we don't have fighting proxy wars along the borders of our enemies. 

The United States has been fomenting constant strife along the traditional Russian borders, slowly moving in under the guise of NATO as we surround their nation with missile shields and war planes. How would we feel if Russia was using their clock ’n dagger types to destabilize the Mexican Government or the Canadian government in the hopes of switching the leadership for no other reason than to put a thorn in their side??? Yet here we are, tap dancing on their borders; sticking a thumb in their eye as we have been for years (which putin-we have been doing since after their collapse in the early 90s; something we promised then leader Yeltsin we wouldn't do). And we wonder why they are being so goddamned aggressive with us in our hour of weakness. 

The issue with this policy, beyond the arrogance of thinking we could forever run around tilting the global tables forever in our favor without the Balance of Power principle* coming into play the second a kink in the armor arose (*Balance of Power Principle is a theory which states that nations will line up to oppose a greater nation should it’s scope become too destabilizing to the world. An example of this is the Allied Powers of World War II), is that it's probably a policy that- if presenting to the American people- we wouldn't necessarily support. 

It's not smart foreign policy, staging coups under the guise of "freedom" and "democracy" and calling it foreign policy at the doorsteps of enemies actually capable of smiting us as much as we could smite them for little more than scoring points on some sort of unseen tally board. 

What happens when Russia grows sick of this constant interference from Washington and declares their own Marshal Plan, taking any foreign entry into neighboring nations as a declared act of war? 

“… The longer-term outcome may be—and I want to emphasize this, because nobody in the United States seems to want to pay attention to it—the outcome may be the construction, the emergence of a new Cold War divide between West and East, not this time, as it was for our generation, in faraway Berlin, but right on the borders of Russia, right through the heart of Slavic civilization. And if that happens, if that’s the new Cold War divide, it’s permanent instability and permanent potential for real war for decades to come. That’s what’s at stake," said Mr. Cohen during an interview with Democracy Now! .


Do we really want our children living under the nightmare of another Cold War? One in which the United States is now the bloated, overextended imperialist immorally forcing it's will upon otherwise peaceful nations simply trying to exist, same as us? 

And what if we are going to be driven back into this stare of constant worry by our government's very own doing? Might that change our willingness to jump into this fight? 

And make no mistake, we are playing a rather sizable part in the coup occurring in Ukraine. Recent leaks coming out of Europe reveal as much, our representative cursing the desires of the European Union while she makes known Washington's suggestion for the winner once this all shakes out. Knowing all of this, are we still ok with what's being done in our names? 

Don't get me wrong... I hold no love for the Huns; our cursed sworn eternal enemies. 

But my not loving them doesn't cloud my judgement too much. Not enough to see there's no money in our getting all worked up over the goings on In a country of little consequence to our fate. 

Especially when the price of intervention could be so dire. 

I mean, let's be frank here... In this twenty first century world, the greatest external threats to the American way of life would be the Chinese and the Russians respectively. 

Particularly the Russians. 

Boasting a military every bis as dangerous as our own, fielded and trained specifically to combat the United States, and backed up by a nuclear arsenal large enough to devastate every single major American city in a matter of minutes, the Russians may very well be the greatest threat to the Untied States today. 

Not some bearded camel fucker throwing a tantrum because our women show off shoulder and ankle....


This fucking guy. 

And the legion of cold blooded Huns he will send to our shores should we decide to further antagonize him. 

And that's all we are doing,,, antagonizing him, 

Thumbing his eye, as the checkers playing Obama attempts to gain domestic political points for sounding strong while the chess playing Putin humiliates him with his indifference. It is clear he doesn't respect our leader, heeding his warning with as much care as any man would the threats of a boy. He knows Obama's words hold no weight; the world just as wary as his own citizens to follow blind the piper's call into yet another American military adventure. Especially when this adventure rekindles the fears of nuclear annihilation, the mutually assured destruction of everyone should the two super powers finally settle their scores. 


So again Obama humiliates himself, never sure if he wants to be leading a nation with declining influence around the world or a mighty superpower, throwing its weight around with entitlement. He speaks when he should be quiet, particularly when, as we said before, he finds himself short on the political capital to sell yet another foreign war (Remember the embarrassment he received as he found himself having to walk back threats made to Syria as the Congress and American people revolted against his attempt to project power?)?  But I do see where the President is coming from in feeling the need to be heard, never wanting to be the Neville Chamberlin of your time; standing silent as the great evil of your day begins swallowing nations in its demonic  wake. 

But needing to say something and talking out of your ass are two totally different things. He could have said he's looking into it- same as he did when the IRS scandal came to light. Or promising to work every backchannel communication they have in order to speak to Moscow and bring forth a speedy resolution? Hell, he could have said he was sending over Rock Balboa to straighten everything out for us and it would have been better that his unintended promise of something happening. 

What we are seeing is a bad chapter of history beginning to unfold before us… A dangerous new world that no living American has ever seen before. 

ColdWarCartoonIt is a world of diminished American influence, and our enemies eager to get their revenge. One where our decrees no longer shake the knees of our adversaries, nor do our promises carry any worth. Our leader is seen as ineffective, our populace spoiled and ignorant. 

We are broke. 

We are morally bankrupt. 

And now, thanks to Obama and his ego still believing his hype, we are a laughing stock to boot. 

One hopes this fall from once lofty heights is enough to wake the American people once and for all as to the corruption destroying our nation, seen no more evidently than in the way our foreign policy seems to unfold the same way no matter who sits in the big chair. 

Hopefully 2016 will see fresh air breathed into the political body, the dream of a pragmatic leader willing to cold-warlean on the less bloody aspects of diplomacy as he works to repair our damaged and weakened perception around the world.

But until then we are doomed to inch closer to the abyss, watching the old embers of the Cold War become stoked once again, this time by our hubris. We will hold our breathe, knowing this isn't the last time we shall hear the rattle of these sabers; Putin intent on getting the Soviet band back together intensified by Obama’s shrinking presence before him. We'll clutch close our children, the fear of the swarming Huns once again gripping the world.


The world is changing, my friends... And it's something we had better get used to. 


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