A Note from The Weekly Constitutional...

ctb-logoDearest readers of The Weekly Constitutional...


As I'm sure you have no doubt noticed, there has been a slight change as to the sort of content that this site has created over the past year. I became inspired to write a book. 

Knowing myself- cursed with this impossibly short attention span- I knew I needed to find some hook to actually force me to see the process through. So I released it as a serial here on the site. 


In an effort to find another avenue to monetize my efforts (not to mention cover the costs for keeping the lights on), I've now decided to sell it on the via iBooks and Kindle (don't worry,I'm not going to make you buy the book to see how it ends. I'll release the thrilling conclusion later on this week) in the hopes that you guys will tell a friend or two to check it out (or hell, maybe even buy it yourself). It's not very expensive, a scant $2.99, and available anywhere English is spoken (so it's international). 


There's more of what you have come to expect from the little website coming in the future... Of that, I can assure you... As well as a few more of these jaunts into the world of fiction coming soon. Again, thank you for indulging my experiment into the world of fiction, for reading, and for supporting Cletus T. Broshus: Monster Hunter. It was fun as hell to write, and I hope it's just as much fun a read. 


Peace and love.