Racist Cliven Bundy and the Cause He is Killing...

42514a-ClivenWell… that didn't take long… 

Just weeks after his victory against the Bureau of Land Management, a video has surfaced in which Bundy family patriarch, Cliven Bundy, was recorded making some rather bold pontifications. 

By now, we are all well aware of how Liberty loving Americans, easily a thousand strong, showed up with arms and flags to support the claims being made by Cliven Bundy, America’s last living outlaw, forcing the Bureau of Land Management (because I don't feel like typing that again, the BLM) to “stand down” from their 42514a-protesthold on Federal Land.

Screaming a refrain of tyrannical governmental overreach in the face of a militarized branch of the Government I’m sure none of us had any idea existed, let alone rolled as heavy as they do, it was easy to find yourself siding with Mr. Bundy (especially if you lay awake at night worried about the one eyed giant, Federalus, who longs to feast on the bones of Freemen…)…

Right up until he starts discussing the plight of “the Negro” (his words) using less than politically correct language. Let’s have a listen, shall we???


Oh grandpa… You're so old and racist. 

I guess we can all be happy he didn't use “nigger” throughout… that’s a small victory, right? 


Better off as Slaves


Every American knows there are two third rail issues out in polite society that one can not and must not ever even think about bringing up… Abortion and Race. But of those two conversation killing topics (in which it is safe to say every single American has an opinion on the matter), only the discussion of race has the ability to ruin your life (with the caviot being that you are a white male). 

Talking race can get you fired. 

Talking race can get you beat up. 

 Talking race can get you called a “racist” or a “bigot” for nothing more than expressing an opinion, regardless of the intent, motivation, ptr context in which the phrase was stated. 


42514a-shout-racistRoll your eyes, Progressive cuntbags who happen to read this site… It isn't some sort of madness I received from the ether. There is no good way for a white man to speak of race in America (white ladies either, but your lack of having a penis might just get eyes rolled at you)… And that’s half the problem with it. 

The only persons approved to speak on the subject of race are the various “black leaders” that the media has created (and while the whole of my adult life I have heard African Americans- mainly men- speak out against these race baiting hustlers by claiming that these media created  hucksters who tend to make a profit so long as there is a segment of the population convinced 42514a-revalthat there is a smoldering Hate just under the surface of every American. So long as the only discussion we have concerning race in America centers how bad the citizens of certain Southern, penis shaped states seem to only have their legislature pass laws intended on making it easier to kill black teenage boys, or how the minds of white America are so inborn with bigotry and hate that even the most liberal and tolerant minds are shackled to the alter of Hate through micro aggressions, there will never be a normalizing of relations between the races (politically speaking).

That's not to say that what Mr. Bundy said was productive to the conversation, beneficial to anyone, or- truthfully- anything but racist. But what he said, or- better put- how he said what he said leads me to my second point... 


Sometimes ideals gives you strange bedfellows. 


I've always said that the harder part of being on the Right side of the American political debate puts you in the 42514a-zdoguncomfortable position of defending scumbags from time to time. The best example was the whole "Zimmerman/Trevon case", where a bitch made man's shooting of an unarmed wanna be gangster that was giving him a beating festered into a larger debate on guns, and self defense laws. As a strong proponent of the Second Amendment and of laws like Florida's "Stand your Ground", I had to defend the actions of a despicable man in spite of his awfulness. 

From the beginning of the Bundy fiasco, I had a hard time jumping behind this guy. Sure, he was making the larger point as to the overreaches of the Federal Government, the frightening manifestation of the many headed hydra born of generations of unfettered Federal bureaucratic growth and how these unregulated tyrannical tentacles of bureaucracy are latching on to each and every aspect of American life (manifesting before Cliven Bundy in the form of an armed paramilitary unit making heavy handed threats against Americans for the expressed purpose of expanding Federal authority and control), and providing a great opportunity for patriots to make their voices heard as they stand against such Constitutionally questionable 42514a-ladies-firstmaneuvers. But there was something in his denial of a Federal authority that rubbed me off... His bold pronouncements as to this being his last outlaw stand, his placing his daughters and other women and children to take those first media grabbing assaults by overhyped BLM officials, and that creeping feeling you get when you see an otherwise bad guy getting a bit of the rough treatment of authority figures. 

For me, as well as most Americans I'm sure, these statements have not cheapened the issues that the Bundy Ranch debate has brought to the table (for me, the biggest of them being just how quickly lower tier Governmental organizations can get as heavy as the BLM got in their efforts to uphold their decrees. One would have thought such an escalation would have required  calling the FBI or some other organization tasked with putting on such displays of force, but I guess not...), but certainly have clouded his reasons for finally having had enough. 

 Are these the actions of a man finally having had enough of Federal abuses and overreaches? Or are they the tantrums of guy from another era who has just had enough of listening to the black guy running things currently? That may not have been his motivations at all, but now- in light of these uncouthly made comments- that's where the debate has wandered off to (instead of focusing on the BLM land grab currently gojng on at the Red River border between Texas and Oklahoma)... Whether or not this hick hates black people.  

 His statements fed right into the Progressive PR machine's (the ever increasingly State controlled main stream media) teeth, fitting their narrative of the liberty minded Conservative being nothing more than a grouchy old racist just broken to bits at how his great white panacea has been bastardized into the mongrel nation of brown skinned mutts plotting day and night on the best ways to redistribute his moneys. His feelings on race shouldn't matter, in the grand scene of things. This case wasn't in any way revolving around his beliefs of the black man's plight, but somehow his dogshit theories are what we now are to focus on. 

 And just like that, we are no longer discussing the issue, but rather the "celebrity" behind it. 

Same as it was with that dick Zimmerman. 


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